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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

MAJOR MILESTONE! British Showjumping at Morris Equestrian Centre

WHAT A WEEKEND!! I have firmly ticked off a major milestone from my list of goals, ambitions and hopes…enjoying a long weekend at Morris Equestrian Centre competing in British Showjumping classes! I really hope that many of you now reading this have followed mine & Louie’s journey over the last four years, because you’ll instantly know how much this means to achieve this. For anyone who hasn’t, it’s a great showcase of what hard work, dedication and patience can lead you onto achieve.

It’s a long one folks, so make sure you’ve a good brew in a cosy spot to enjoy the full write up of our weekend away!

Monday, 2 December 2019

November Round Up

WOW! I think November has been my favourite month of the year…in fact, IT IS! Despite all the rain with many fields, yards and arenas flooding, as well as some icy mornings thrown into the mix, I cannot believe what we’ve achieved in November. So here it is…our monthly round-up! Sit back and enjoy the month with us!

If you remember back to our October round-up, you’ll know Louie came back from his mini holiday in an almost totally different mind with his showjumping. I did too. I suddenly discovered a newfound confidence (& determination) for jumping. So at the start of the month, we’d entered into a really welcoming low key local jumping competition. The format was typical of showjumping – it’s called ‘Jump & Go’ and involves a group warm-up, before jumping one height as your first class, and then a bigger course next to it as the second. Anyway… I’d entered the 75cm and 85cm group. I knew the venue added fillers in at 70cm, so was confident it would give us some challenges in an environment that if all went a little astray, we’d have the help to resolve things and not simply be eliminated and leave the ring.

Monday, 25 November 2019

Showjumping Training - 24.11.19

After missing our showjumping training earlier this month due to a frozen arena, I was so excited to be going to another on Saturday. Sadly, the weather gods weren’t on our side AGAIN, bringing pouring rain to the northeast throughout the whole of Saturday. Literally, it didn’t even so much as turn to light rain from the moment I woke up until when I went to bed… Not much fun for outdoor showjumping!

Fortunately, I was able to find a space on a showjumping clinic the very next day at the same venue, but with a coach I’d not been to before. That’s always a little nerve-wracking as for the last four years, we’ve only been coached by Philippa, who knows us both inside out, and knows exactly how to get the best from us. Anyway, this coach was recommended by Philippa and I knew I was in safe hands by that alone.

Sunday’s weather was much better…as in, it didn’t rain. But it was still typically grey and damp, but at least there was no wind or rain. I’d decided to leave Louie in the stable, enjoying playing with his Silvermoor swinger until early afternoon when we headed out for our lesson.
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