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Blogger's Corner

Welcome to Blogger's Corner

This section of the site is aimed at other equestrian bloggers (or any bloggers for that matter), & over time will build a collection of posts & content brimming with hints & tips on how to continuously improve your blog & activities around it. Whether it be understanding the analysis behind your blog to see where you can build on strengths or support weaknesses, traffic driving tips or technical implementation guides, Blogger's Corner is here to help you!

Latest Blogging Tips

Take a read through all of the Blogger's Corner posts to see what top tips we've covered in the past. We've got a wide range of topics from using Pinterest to increase the traffic coming to your blog to defending your creativity and ideas. We've covered the best plug-ins on Wordpress blogs and what are the best apps out there for video and photo editing. So it's well worth a browse through...

Upcoming Blogger's Corner Topics

I'm always looking to include topics that other bloggers are finding frustrating or of partcular difficult to overcome, so if you've got anything specific that you'd like covering, feel free to reach out to me via any of my social media channels below. Alternatively, I am open to guest bloggers too. So if you've found a particular success along your blogging journey and want to share but don't have a section on your site to do so, get in touch!

Equestrian Bloggers on Facebook

In March 2017, I also set up a Facebook group (the first of its kind!), specifically to create a community of equestrian bloggers to be to ask one another questions and share their own best practice to our niche blogging world!

If you'd like to join, find out all the detail of the Equestrian Bloggers Facebook group in my earlier post.

Why Start an Equestrian Blog?

For me, I started my blog back in October 2012, and although it's a very different blog today, the fundamental remains - to look back at our progress through training and competing. This creates a personal feedback opportunity, being able to review and reflect on what's going on; whether it's good, bad or ugly!

While my blog has evolved into a broader scope of content, every blogger's reason for their blog adventures is unique.

I caught up with six other equestrian bloggers to see what inspires them - have a read through the collective post of 'Why Start A Blog' to see what motivate us and could give you the spark to give it a go!


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