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Monday, 15 October 2012

A Weekend of Adventure

So Saturday... I hadn't ridden Thomas all week and had a little adventure planned for Sunday, so thought I best take him out for a plod, but we had bad rain the back end of the week, so all the fields were too wet, and I went to the county park the weekend before. I didn't just want a 20 minute trot around the industrial estate, so decided I'd go and hunt down the cycle track that ran through the local town. It passes right by the in laws so I thought hey, let's go for it. Thomas was a such a good boy and was nosy all the way there and back. I've never seen him walk so fast at some points!

Anyway, I tracked it on my phone, was 7 miles (further than I thought in all honesty) and took 1hr 26mins... Not bad for a plod about...

Here's a photo of a rather docile looking Thomas....

I really had a great time just doing something a little bit different, and quirky really. I've looked at the cycle track network and I can hack to the local beach - 5.5 miles each way....

Even though we live really and keep Thomas really close to the beach, we've never actually been. Until March (when my wagon came) I had transport as an issue, and it was expensive to hire, just to go 20 minutes up the road so a quick blast...

Anyway, yesterday (Sunday) we decided to go to Duridge Bay beach in Northumberland (about half an hour up the coast) - it's a beautiful beach and a lovely big wide beach when the tide is out. We got there about 10.30am, and followed another little box in... Little did I know that there was actually some sort of pleasure/endurance ride planned, but after asking, I realised they went up the coast via Bridleway and then back down the beach, so I shouldn't get mixed up and as it was 19km (I think they said) people shouldn't be recklessly bombing about on the beach....

Thomas was full of beans (glad I rode the day before) but as usual well mannered.

Once on the beach, Thomas walked REALLY quickly, looking left, then right, then left - so much to see! His tail was in the air, and as we trotted off a little, Thomas tried to do his best impression of passage!! Andrew was with me, with his mum, so I went down the beach on my own until I could barely see them, Thomas didn't really settle so I let him go on the way back up - got some great photos and a video!

Usually after a blast like that, Thomas would be tired, and although slowed down, was still full of beans and walking quickly, bouncing and looking about everywhere!

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