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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Clipping to Start the Winter

With the clocks going back on Sunday gone, TTE is now on countdown to the Winter Solstice on Friday 21st December! (can you tell we really are waiting for it!)

Last weekend, we went on a lovely long ride with a friend from our yard. It was a ride I'd heard about but had never been on, despite it being local, so it was good for Thomas and I to see somewhere different without going out in the wagon.

As some of the ride is along a relatively busy country road, we decided to trot to hurry up to the off road parts. While Thomas is still fit, I hadn't quite realised how hairy Thomas had got since our last competition! He was a bit hot and a bit wet, and when we got home, while he wasn't too bad, I needed to wash the sweat away from his girth area. So I washed all his saddle area to help him no be too itchy...

As we are working hard through the winter, and will continue to compete, it means I'll need to be able to ride on an evening, and getting him this sweaty is no good for a cold winter's night. Last night Thomas got a hair cut:
Thomas looking a smartie!

This week we're hitting the school again to work on a variety of things, ready for a dressage competition at the weekend. We'll be sure to post our results and tell you how we all got on! No doubt Andrew will be on camera duties giving you a taste of the day!

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