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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Feeding Energy

After another good weekend, I am now pleased to report that Thomas' new diet seems to be going well & as planned. I've been a busy bee the last few weeks, calling a number of feed providers to discuss what the best options are to aid energy without adding too much weight and causing fizzy behaviour.

I've settled on a diet that Dodson & Horrell recommended. This consists of Competition Concentrate to aid the release of energy in both mind and muscles. It also helps post-work recovery & hydration. Once Thomas is back out in the field, oats will slowly be added to the diet to increase slower release energy for sustained performance. This will be a fine balance as too few may have no effect, but too many may make Thomas feel a little too well...!

How do I know the feed is working?

Usually I allow 10 or 15 minutes warm up before a dressage test. This allows me to loosen Thomas off but not be too long that he loses interest or becomes tired. On Sunday, I was running a little late for my time and so only got 10 minutes in the collecting ring. Thomas was very forward and very interested in everything going on around - just how I'd like him to be during the test. It's a shame that I didn't have a few more minutes to settle him in a little more, as he was a little tense in the test, but still came out with a pleasing 67.08%

Feeding is a testing and refining process until the balance is found, so no doubt we will have lots to report on this in the upcoming weeks.

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