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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Working to Improve Flexibility

With plenty of time over the winter to take a step back and work on the basic, I've realised that both Thomas and I are right handed (in a sense!) We both have a much stronger right side, than left, meaning that I struggle to support Thomas on this side, and he finds it harder to counteract my dominant right!

We've been doing a lot of lunging recently - at least once or twice a week which has been a huge help towards building up Thomas' left side. I've been using the gym and some strengthening exercises to help with my left side too.

Thomas now feel much easier when working on the left side, but it will be key to ensure that we don't neglect the right. As it's been a while since we've had a nice photo of Thomas mid-work, Andrew kindly took a short film of a lunging session earlier this week. From that, I was able to get a really nice photo of Thomas - he looks very well and fit for this time of year!

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