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Monday, 29 April 2013

Northallerton ODE

After a couple of days away in Copenhagen with the 9-5 job, we'd entered Northallerton ODE for the BE90 on the Sunday.

Following a pleasing start to the season at Eden Valley, we were looking forward to another event. We'd been to watch at Northallerton before, and thought it was a lovely set up with a well-run day. We weren't wrong when we came back this year to do it for ourselves.

We were a little later than planned to arrive with strong winds while travelling down from Newcastle, but we were able to take a brisk walk around the cross country before heading back to the wagon to get ready for the dressage.

Thomas had schooled very well at home on Friday evening, so it was disappointing to feel that he was a little tense and not settling very well. The warm up time seems to just disappear and it was our turn. Thomas went OK, but I could feel it wouldn't be our strongest test, which is a shame with all the hard work we have been putting in recently.

We didn't make any mistakes, although we did disagree slightly on when we should trot again... We finished on a score of 43, which we hope will be much improved at our next few outings. Andrew did film the test and you can see it below.

We had about an hour and a half before our classes show jumping started, so popping Thomas back on the wagon, we headed off to take a look and learn the course. It was set up in a nice big arena, but on a surface, and not grass like it had been previously. The fences looked really nice and the course seemed to flow well.

Thomas warmed up, jumping really nicely, and went into the ring feeling lovely and forward. We had a very nice round until a very bright fence 5 which took some concentration away, and we had a couple down after than. Managing to regain composure before the final two fence, we finished the round on 16 to add. Slightly disappointed as the round started and ended very well...

Onto the cross country - our favourite part. The course didn't present anything difficult and was a nice and inviting course. After a heavy trip over the first fence, Thomas was off, not touching another fence!! We took the first four steady, but after then, Thomas gave me a lovely ride, and really opened up in between fences. We came home safe and sound, and within the optimum time. Andrew managed to get a couple of shots of us coming towards home which are below.

There are a few more photos in our gallery from the day, so make sure you take a look!

We finished the day on a score of 59 - slightly lower than normal, but pleased to come away with no issues, problems or anything going wrong!

We'd like to thank our sponsor, Jan Wood Properties (www.janwoodpropertes.com), for their support, and were pleased that our newly branded jackets kept us lovely and warm in the wind and rain!

Our next event is Burgham this weekend, Sunday. We're looking forward to it, and will be sure to post about how we get on!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Eden Valley ODE

With what seemed to be the longest winter ever, Team Tunnah Eventing were pleased when the first event of the 2013 season finally came round; Eden Valley on 6 April.

Without too early a start, we set off from our based just outside of Newcastle, across the A69 to travel close to Penrith, Cumbria.

With the recent bad weather, we packed for the worst; full waterproofs, thermal gloves, wellies, the lot! We were very pleasantly surprised to find blue sky and sunshine while we drove, which we could only hope would remain for the rest of the day. It did, and while a bit chilly, it was finally nice to have the sun out and not be wrapped up in several layers!

Thomas warmed up nicely for the dressage, albeit a little distracted with it being his first event of the season, but settle enough. We've recently invested in a new saddle which is taking me some time to get use to sitting differently, so we had a few slight mis-communications in the test, but overall it was pleasing. We scored 40.5, so lots to be improved on, and hopefully this will be reflected in our future scores. Here's a video of the test:

Next, we walked the cross country course, which seemed very nice for early in the season, with a couple of questions, but nothing that we couldn't handle :-) I was a little nervous, just to actually get out there and doing it, but also just because we hadn't done any for so long!!

In the meantime, I had the show jumping phase to complete. The course was in a small arena but welcoming arena, and the course layout itself seemed nice; a bit of a tricky turn at the end! We had two very unlucky poles down in the middle, and Thomas became very keen by the end of the round, and we almost missed the second to last and ended up over another, but thankfully not. We finished the round with 12 penalties to add.

Finally we were able to get on the cross country - the adrenaline was pumping & after a lengthy wait in the warm-up, we were finally off! Andrew got some footage of us coming over the second, third and forth...

He also managed to get us coming through the water and steadily round to the penultimate fence.

We finished without any jumping penalties and within the optimum time, so nothing to add from this stage.

We finished the day on a score of 52.5, which was very pleasing for our first event this season. We hope that things continue to go well this season & will be sure to add our reports on here as soon as we can.

There are a few extra photos below but our next event will be Northallerton, 28 April.

Sponsored by Jan Wood Properties!

Team Tunnah Eventing is very pleased to welcome a new sponsor onboard for the 2013 season: Jan Wood Properties.

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Team Tunnah Eventing is really looking forward to working with Jan Wood Properties over the next year, and would like to thank them very much for their support.
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