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Monday, 2 November 2015

Clipping Louie

Louie was getting a bit hairy behind his ears and elbows, and with being out of work a couple of weeks, I noticed it even more when getting back onboard last.

So I took the plunge, and decided to clip on Sunday. Despite being the day after a friend's wedding, it is a day when I have plenty of time. 

After his clip & schooling!
Why did I clip? Well, basically, because after riding, Louie was sweating, and when cooling down, he was wet. As I ride at night during the week, it meant I wasn't able to rug him up, as well as leaving him cold for a few hours after riding, until he dried.

I was determined to take my time, keep my patience, and get the job done, no matter how long it took. I also knew if he was really bad, I could order sedative for going back one night in the week.

Armed with my hat, a dressage whip, hay net & a pocket FULL of treats, in I went....

How wrong could I be!?!?

Louie didn't even so much as flinch when I turned on the clippers, and actually fell asleep while I was clipping. I ventured up his neck, behind his ears, and took a patch from his cheek. All with no movement!! Had someone sneaked a dope into him!?!?! :)

I took the decision to take off his head collar and clip half the face. Stood like a rock!

After a brief 40 minutes, I had a lovely, velvety clipped horse! (albeit, I've discovered I'm really bad at clipping straight lines!!!) I kept a blanket on to help him keep condition, rather than just feeding him up, and took off half the face.

Thomas was good to clip, jumping when you turned the clippers on, but he still needed twitching for the top of his neck, behind his ears and face...and he needed two people for that. I never thought I'd clip one like Thomas...

Louie was a breeze! & it really made me think what a fab little four year old I really have!

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