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Monday, 30 November 2015

November Round Up

So November seems to have come and gone in a breath! With some great progress in our flatwork, a try at E-Dressage, lots of lunging and hacking, as well as a showjumping lesson, we've definitely been a busy bunch!

So, where to start!?

Firstly, we clipped Louie, expecting huge upheaval & drama, but actually found the clippers sent him to sleep! Handy! & the easiest horse I've ever had to clip! 

Early November, we had a great showjumping lesson with Jay, a young event rider based in Northumberland. Jay's lessons are really good and she's great at giving horse and rider confidence. Pleasingly in this lesson, we jumped out first one stride double, with Louie pulling forward into the second part, really keen to keep jumping!!

Getting our homework at the end of the lesson.
We also worked hard on our canter, though with a youngster and sometimes a tired boy, we've not over done it. During our November flatwork lesson, Louie began to relax much more in his canter, though still has a way to go. I also need to relax more through my lower back and get used to his huge canter, though the below video doesn't show it off too well!!

During November we've also enjoyed a few hacks out with the girls on the yard on a weekend (dodging all the bad weather of course!)

Heading out on a crisp winter's morning hack with the girls!

It's a great way for Louie to relax when being ridden and is a good break from being in the arena all week after work!

We also submitted our first E-Dressage entry this month. It's a really easy submission process, & almost anyone can take part! I'd definitely recommend it, even if it just gives you something to aim for while the competition scene is quiet (though it's actually a very popular competition!) 

As winter sets in, rather than work in the arena 3-4 times a week, I've always liked to break it up with lunge work. I've found it a good way to get Louie going from my voice, both on the ground and under saddle. It's also a good way to keep exercise up without needing to ride. We include raised trotting poles & jumps, as well as using the Kavalkade to help build Louie's back and top line. It's also really helping his balance and strength, especially in the canter. We usually lunge twice a week to keep things different.

Unfortunately, the weather has caused us to cancel a couple of outdoor lessons, as well as some hacks. (Welcome to winter!)

So, in that spare time, Louie has been spoilt rotten!! He's got half a new wardrobe of Premier Equine rugs, as well as taking advantage of Black Friday at Wychanger Barton ordering an Equilibrium massage pad and mitt!!

I'm really impressed with the Premier Equine rugs so far - see my initial review here: http://teamtunnaheventing.blogspot.de/2015/11/snug-as-bug-in-apremier-equine.html
And I'll do a write up on the Equilibrium products as they arrive! 

We've not made many plans for December due to moving house (exciting!!) but we've got flatwork and showjumping lessons booked in, & we will continue in the E-Dressage Winter Challenge. 

And of course, it's Christmas!!! 

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