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Monday, 29 February 2016

February Round Up

So, it's been a few months since I last did a round up - a lot has happened!

A quick wind up of December - moving house meant we had a quiet front half of the month, but being off work from 18th December, meant I had lots of time to spend with Louie, enjoying cramming in a couple of showjumping lessons. We won Nueue Schule's Christmas photo competition on Instagram, and our prize was a Turtle Top loose ring, so we introduced this bit over Christmas. Louie goes much better in it, so I'm really pleased - thanks very much Neue Schule! (I also got a delicious box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat as the prize too!!)

Our winning photo from Neue Schule's Winter photo competition on Instagram!

Unfortunately...on 28th December, my foot managed to get stuck in the stirrup as Louie took a spook. I didn't feel it, and I came clean off. I jumped back on, carried on in my showjumping lesson, went home, turned out, mucked out, with what I thought was a stiff ankle. It didn't ease, and after three hours, I took myself to A&E, where I discovered I'd broken my ankle!! Thankfully the consultants diagnosis wasn't as bad as doctors first thought - I had a break and not a break with a ripped off ligament!

So January passed us by without much news or action...

But mid-February, I was able to get back on!! Louie had certainly enjoyed his resting time, coming back into work feeling strong and supply. We've been lunging and working on our flatwork over February, as well as starting some showjumping again. Louie is thriving on being back in work, and seems to be trying hard to please, as well as enjoying his work.

In his showjumping, we're now developing his technique to allow him to use his body correctly over a fence and working on his approach becoming more consistent. He certainly loves to jump though!!!

We also decided to give an E-Dressage test a go to get us back motivated and thinking about where we can go. Unfortunately, we had to try to record four time as my phone kept running out of memory, but at last we got it! Louie did really well after being picked back up several times, although was a bit grumpy. When I jumped off, I gave Louie a big pat...and spotted my martingale STILL ATTACHED!! So unfortunately I wasn't able to submit the entry....

I'm so pleased to be back in the saddle, and we're going to be out and about in March!

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