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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Where have we been??

No posts for such a long time!!

Unfortunately, 3 days after Christmas I broke my ankle from jarring my foot in the stirrup. It's been a straight forward break thankfully, despite me walking (& riding) around on it for several hours thinking it was just stiff!

Initial A&E diagnosis was a detached ligament, bringing the bone with it. But a visit by the consultant the next morning and a full CT scan confirmed the break & thankfully no soft tissue damage. 

It did mean at least 6 weeks rest & elevate in a boot brace though!! Gutted. 

I've stuck to doctors' (& physio's) orders right through, and I'm pleased that after a couple of days out of the boot, I'm able to drive again! I was going crazy in the house everyday, even while I was working!!!

Of course, if I could drive, I could try riding... Which I've now done! Hooray! 

Fingers crossed everything will keep going to plan, & we will back to it again in no time!!

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