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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Fantastic Dressage Lesson!

The last time Louie & I had a dressage lesson was the first week of December... That seems A LONG time ago!!

So this Monday gone (7th March), I was really looking forward to getting back on track with our training, with a dressage lesson with Cathy Burrell. Louie has felt really strong, supple & is really enjoying his work since I've started riding after my ankle, so I was looking forward to taking that and developing forward.

Arriving at the yard, I found Andrew & another livery in the stable with a big bag of cotton wool outside...


Louie's right eye was a bit puffy, weeping with clear fluid and he was trying to close it. Thankfully there was no swelling around the socket or on his face, or cuts, so I think he had either got something in it or rubbed it a bit too hard!!

He was feeling very sorry for himself, but as keen as ever for a treat, so I tacked up, thinking I wouldn't carry on the lesson if he didn't feel like he had his usual energy levels. I really didn't need to worry - HE WAS FANTASTIC!!

He warmed up with a beautiful walk, he was off the leg, listening, and keen to impress! In the months since I've had a lesson with Cathy, she noticed a big difference, and commented that she was really impressed with his behaviour, attitude to work and way of going.

The lesson went really well, working on leg yielding, lifting his poll up & giving him the confidence to take the contact forward & down more, as well as our downward trot-walk transitions. He felt great to ride, but even better was that this was consistent with how he had been for the past 3-4 weeks!

I'm really starting to feel that the patience, hard work and dedication I've given to Louie for the last year are paying off, and in a big way. I'm really pleased I didn't rush him when I got him for the sake of completing a competition or to be able to say I'd done a certain thing, as I definitely feel I've now got a far better horse for it!

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