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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Likit Bordom Busting!

So, Louie hates being in his stable... Which makes duvet days in the winter difficult!!

At first, I thought his frustration was solely due to lack of turnout, so I exercised him more and gave him longer turn out in the arena when it was available. However, nothing really improved. So, I thought about the exercise I was doing with him... Rather than doing flatwork or lunging during the week, I gave him lots to think about, including doing some ground work exercises.

I noticed a difference in how settled Louie was in the stable after learning something new, and having a lot to think about. This could be anything from leg yield from the ground, to almost circuit training over poles and blocks to navigate around. There's a whole heap of different things to do everyday to keep their mind active, which is very handy when you have a horse like Louie that learns new things after just a handful of tries!!

I still noticed that during the day he would be frustrated and unhappy in his stable until his work on the evening. So I bought the basic Likit to give him something to 'play' with but that was a challenge.

Louie loved the carrot and apple flavours in the Likit holder - any other flavour and he wasn't so interested! However, Louie also soon realised that he could get his jaw open wide enough to be able to chew the holder and crack the Likits inside - we went through a fair few Likits in a short space of time as Louie could finish one in the space of a few hours!!

After speaking to Likit, they advised to try the hardest one - the Boredom Buster. This is suspended ball with a mini Likit in each side. It also rotates on itself so it provides more thinking for the horse to be able to get to it.

The first few days, Louie was not impressed and didn't bother with it, but temptation was too much - he gave in and soon learnt to lick it and keep it very still. That lasted a few weeks, before he figured out if he twisted his head in a certain way and gave it a push and a twist in a certain way, he could get his bottom teeth on the Likit and hold it still with his top teeth around the ball! We went from having something that last 7-10 days to 48 hours!!

We tried using just one Likit in one side so the ball fell upside down, but as usual the challenge lasted a few days before Likits were needed everyday - though he didn't actually get them everyday, mostly a weekend treat, if they were still in at this point!!

All that crunching on the ball took its toll and Louie eventually cracked it. This is the only problem with this particularly product  - they can get hold of it, even away from walls, bars and supports, and it does crack the plastic.

So, I thought I'd try the Boredom Breaker. Although deemed easier, the ball is bigger so he can't get his teeth on it, and I took off the Holder. This ball only spins on the rope; it doesn't rotated on its own sphere. I've had this about 10 days now, using just one mini Likit in one side, and Louie had had numerous attempts, and spends time with it, but cannot get his mouth around it!!

Likit do some great products, and I've been pleased with how they have given Louie something to think about while stabled for a period of time. They do a wider range of products and flavours than I've tried, and I've not found that any of them have made Louie fizzy or more excitable. In fact, they've relieved his boredom which has helped his overall temperament when stables 48hrs+.

So if you've got a horse, any age, with a sharp mind and is a quick learner, I'd recommend giving the Boredom Breaker a go!

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