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Friday, 1 April 2016

March Round Up

A lot seems to have happened in March - it's been a busy month!

After getting back onboard following my broken ankle, I was keen to get back into our usual working routine. Louie's very relaxed and feels refreshed, enjoying his work, showing a positive attitude and a real willingness to please.

Over the last two or three months, Louie has begun developing much more, filling out a little more and really beginning to develop his topline. This unfortunately meant that my saddle from Thomas became too curved for Louie's back...& meant we needed a new one. We found the Amerigo Pinerolo fit Louie like a glove, and was open & flat how I like, so we went with it (& haven't looked back!)

Louie enjoying a very successful day out at the dressage!

First up was a lesson with Cathy Burrell, our flatwork trainer. I really love these lessons as Cathy is such a fantastic coaching, pushing horse and rider to their potential, but also keep it very real and level headed. Although Louie came out of the box with a bit of a swollen eye (!!!), likely to be a hay seed stuck in it or where he had rubbed it, Cathy was really impressed with how settled he was and how much he had grown up since our last lesson, way back in December!!

There's a full post about our lesson already live, if you'd like to read more.

March also saw us do a couple of showjumping lessons - it's great to spend some time going back to the basics and being able to work on my position and fitness after so long away from properly jumping with Thomas.

Some lessons may seem very basic to some, but even being able to see a longer and shorter distance and act accordingly was good to go back to and practice over smaller fences.
A quick collection of one of our lessons...

We also went out to our first competition of the year in March, to a local dressage, and had a go at our first Prelim test. Considering Louie couldn't really canter properly, and figure out where his legs were, before Christmas, I was thrilled with essentially a couple of weeks' work following getting back on.
Louie excelled himself, behaving impeccably, winning his Intro and coming 4th in his Prelim!!

Here's the test, but there's also a full competition report too.

& finishing on a very pleasing note, we were also able to start hacking out after working, something which feel will never happen again every winter, but here we are again! It's a great way to unwind after a hectic day, and I find it keep Louie's mind refreshed and active for his schooling working in the arena.

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