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Sunday, 1 May 2016

April Round Up

So, what's been happening in April?

As usual, we've been very busy!!

I was very lucky to take a (non-horsey) trip to Copenhagen and Oslo with work at the start of the month. Sadly, I didn't get much of a chance to explore either of these great cities as I travelled onboard our ship between. Despite feeling a tad sea sick on the way home, even with a pond-like crossing I still couldn't fully find my sea legs, the trip was fantastic and made for some beautiful photos!!

A photo posted by Sophie Tunnah (@sophiehoult) on

A photo posted by Sophie Tunnah (@sophiehoult) on

Food, drink, entertainment and comfort onboard are all top notch, so I'd definitely recommend it!! :)

But as soon as I was back, it was back to it, with a brilliant showjumping lesson. We've worked really hard in 2016 to improve our showjumping, getting Louie to see much more, and working on my technique and rhythm to fences. I didn't really put a lot of time to either last year, and I'm really pleased I made the decision to focus on the flatwork and basic poles last year, to use that round a showjumping course this year!!

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't on our side, with very heavy rain, so we were forced to used an indoor area, which while about 50m in length was still only approx 20m wide - still, it sure made us practice those tighter turns and coming to a jump in just a few strides!

Back to basics, working on our turns!
April also saw us enjoy after-work hacking, and schooling in the grass arena, rather than the school. It's also allowed us to enjoy a swift half with friends on a Friday evening after a long week at work!!

The best view after a day in the office!
Unique way to join your friends at the local on a Friday night!

It was also Louie's birthday in April - he turned 5!! While this to selected people means he should be out doing certain things, Louie has taken a long time to physically develop. I've given him the time to grow into himself and this is paying dividends now; we have a fantastic bond & partnership, and when Louie tells me he's tired, I allow him the time to grow.

I just love getting this greeting any time I go to see him in the field!

As always we had a flatwork lesson with Cathy Burrell. I've been having flatwork lessons with Cathy for over 3 years now and I can never see myself changing. Cathy works us both very hard, pushing us to reach our potential - she enjoys seeing the progression & successes that we achieve just as much as we do!

We've not done any competitions this month, but we've been practising plenty! & most of all, we've been having LOTS of fun!

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