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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Louie's first EVER cross country

After taking Louie in the school twice after coming home from Spain, I decided it was time to start Louie's cross country training - he's never been cross country at all or seen solid rustic fences.

With a horse just in from a holiday, I wasn't sure how well things would - Louie's freshness can result in him becoming very suspicious of new things, so I went with the aim of very simply waking through the water, going up & down a bank, and jumping a ditch.

Friday, 1 July 2016

June Round Up

Following a bit of a green and tense two tests at a local dressage competition at the end of May, I'd planned to spend June getting Louie to relax again (& me!!), and ask him to take the contact down more. I also made the decision to do as much as a I possibly could so that Louie was used to going into new places and in the white boards... He's never taken much of a look at them, and I'm sure his energy is seeded from me as he seems to look to me for direction more at competitions, but he just felt a bit green when we went down the centre line last time...

So...The next weekend we were entered for another local dressage at a different venue, doing two Prelims. It was a beautifully sunny day, and was unusually quiet for this venue, perhaps because it was the same day as a local BE event. Anyhow, Louie warmed up lovely, was really relaxed, but the test was indoors, which is quite dark when you first go in. He did take it all in his stride, and he has been once before, but a while ago.

I could feel Louie was quite tense, which made me tense (one of my worst habits) & I rode a bit rigidly, not showing Louie off for a score of 63.45%, which was placed far down the class. I was determined to show my horse off better in the next class and have him much more relaxed. We did, although the score was fairly similar (63.75%) but we were placed 5th. Still a way to go, but much better together.

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