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Monday, 26 September 2016

Super showjumping lesson!

This weekend, we headed up to our instructor's facility to have our last lesson for a while - she is due to go on maternity until the end of November. We were really looking forward to it as we hadn't jumped properly in a good few weeks and were still beaming from our progress at the One Day Event earlier in September.
Louie warmed up, very tense and very excited!! Starting with some canter poles on the ground, and making a four stride distance in three easy strides!!! :-/
So we spent a little bit of time getting back the rhythm, consistency and fluidity to the canter before starting to jump.

Once we were jumping, Louie was much better, although showed a bit too much enthusiasm in front of the fence when we saw the stride. I can't fault him, as he used to start off lacking so much confidence, so it's a much better feeling to have a horse now that wants to take me around the jumps and pulls me to them.

We warmed up over a simple upright that then became an oxer, before moving to the left rein and down out an upright to four strides and a little oxer. Again, Louie jumped in big, and made the four strides look dificult to stick to, but after a couple of times, I was soon much quicker to sit up after the first and make four even strides down the line.

Next we were on a dog leg, upright to upright. Louie was keen coming from 2-3 strides out, jumped big and then needed to steady for the second part. It was great to practice something like this as it's been seven years since I sat on a horse that pulled to the fence and was keen - I much prefer it once we get it under control!

Finally, and as I have lots of homework to work on while Philippa is off, we started to jump fillers fully in. We hadn't really done this yet - we've had them in at the sides and we've jumped planks, gates and other similar things when we've been out and about. Louie is so suspicious, he certainly wasn't going to let his toes touch it!!

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