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Saturday, 15 October 2016

easibed - does exactly what it says on the tin!

Since day one Louie has been a very wet horse, relieving himself every single time he goes in his stable or goes on the horsebox! He even takes a few pitstops during a hack...!

Firstly, I'm not concerned in the slightest - the behaviour hasn't changed since day one and is just one of his "Louieisms"!

However, after spending a full winter doing a full muck out nearly every single day, I decided it was time to try something new. I tried a variety of things to see if I could make his bed more absorbant, including:
  • Giving a baselayer of haylage to his bed for better absorption. This didn't really work, and made it back breaking to lift out the dirty each day!
  • A layer of everyday shavings underneath the straw. This was much better from an absorption point of view, but not from a time spent mucking out, and it almost increased it - separating the straw from the shavings then lifting the wet shavings!
Nothing I tried seem to help.

Another livery used easibed for her full bed, and had done so since I'd been on the yard. She recommended that I try it as she found it much more absorbent than shaving, and far less messy! So I did, kitting myself with 8 bags of easibed.

Well it certainly looked much smarter than straw, but would it be practical and affordable? As it was the middle of June when I started using it, I made a much smaller bed than through the winter.

Louie went straight in and pawed right through ALL OF IT!! Easy-peasy though - I just swept it all back up into shape and he was was set.

I quickly learnt that a deeper bed improves the effectiveness of the bedding. Using not enough just makes it squash together and allows the dirty to be mixed amongst the clean - I use about 3 bags per week to keep the bed clean and topped up.

easibed, for us, has had a number of benefits:

  • Quick to muck out daily - around 10-15mins
  • Drier stable conditions which also helps with hoof health
  • Dust free - apart from when you empty the bag out, there is no dust!
  • Supportive and doesn't move under the horse
I've also started to use eaisbed in our horsebox too. I used to use shaving, but found that whenever we parked on a slope, Louie's pee would just run through the shavings and across the floor of the box. However, although easibed is free draining, I've found it to be much more absorbent, and because of the way it compacts, the pee doesn't run away!

For anyone with a particularly wet horse, I'd recommend giving it a go!

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