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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

EQU Streamz

EQU Streamz primarily promote their product as a natural pain relief, however they caught my attention (through some persistent Facebook advertising!) as a magnetic therapy for horses' legs, something I'm a firm believer in.

Louie doesn't have any issues with his legs, joints or soft tissues, however to support young, growing legs and to help me keep them healthy, I've always used my existing Veredus Magnetik stable boots while Louie was stabled for long periods, but not overnight, and for travelling.

So why did I choose EQU Streamz for overnight?

Equ Streamz bands
Basically, they are small non-heating bands that you can wrap around all four legs, either below or above the fetlock. As they are not heating, they obviously don't create heat in the leg so can be worn 24/7 if required - you simply strap them around the leg higher up during wet conditions. They are discreet and don't interfere with the leg or joints in anyway, and are fairly quick and simple to put on.

I've aways though magnetic therapy on legs is key to keeping healthy legs, and not just in recovery. With little muscle in the lower, magnets are a good way to help improve blood circulation around the legs and maintain healthy soft tissue, bone and movement. According to EQU Streamz, 61% of their users also report an increase in energy levels too!


I've used the band on Louie for around 2 months now. Like I said, i didn't have any issues or requirement for recovery, so it is difficult to openly show any 'improvement' or 'difference'. However, as a believer in the therapy overall, I know that they are highly beneficial & a good choice to be able to use 24/7 if I wished. I opt to take them off each morning, and only use them overnight.

For anyone needing to use magnetic therapy for pain relief, recovery or to assist in reducing medication, EQU Streamz, provide numerous benefits & can be used on horses competing at all levels with no known negative side effects.

  • Assisting the reduction of inflammation from aiding better circulation of blood flow and mineral distribution
  • Enhanced mobility from better recovery of soft tissues from work or injury
  • Reduced medication (not to be confused with replacement of medication) due to benefits
If you're interested to understand the way in which Equ Streamz works, have a watch of this short video. They have a full YouTube channel also: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsN2H9v_BrI197y2qfvF5LA


Wearability of the bands I was initially concerned about - they didn't appear to be as tough looking as most horse products. The reality is very different - they are holding up well, although the velcro is getting softer, they remain securely on the legs, and they look almost the same as they did the first day I put them on. They have a great USP, if the outer casing does get damaged, you don't need to purchase the full product - the outer casing can be purchased separately, with the main magnets simply transferred over.

To assist in keeping the product up to scratch, the outer casing should be washed every few weeks. And during the typical British winter, it is advised to removed the bands during the winter and particularly wetter months of the year.

To find out more about these great bands, and how they can help you, take a look at their site, EQU Streamz.

Please note, EQU Streamz shouldn't be use on a horse diagnosed with a heart condition or with particularly sensitive skin. 


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