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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

WINNER - Equestrian Blog of the Year 2016

Equestrian Blog of the Year 2016 - Haynet Blog Award

I am very proud, pleased, excited & honoured to have Team Tunnah Eventing named as Equestrian Blog of the Year 2016 in the recent Haynet Blog awards!

There were 12 finalists, all with different blogs, interests & angles on their equestrian lives & experiences. So just to be shortlisted without nomination or entry was an honour in itself. 

The award was decided upon in two criteria - votes & a judge from equestrian PR company, MirrorMePR.

Firstly, THANK YOU ALL for taking the time to read my blog & giving me a vote - it's great to know that you enjoy reading the content I post & that you keep coming back for more!

I have also been overwhelmed with the comments that I received from the judge, MD of MirrorMePR, Ashley Rossiter - & I'm pleased that Ashley got my sense of humour too!

"Sophie's regular posting with a variety of quality content coupled with her light hearted sense of humour comes across strongly and makes for a great read and engaging content...posts are presented with an honest and very personable tone of voice, which runs seamlessly throughout"

Take a read of the full Equine Blog Awards announcement.

I wanted to say a huge congratulations to EquiPepper for winning the Rising Star award for her blogging on her love of ex-racehorses, while studying for an Equine Science degree. Congratulations also goes to the other 10 finalists - they are all great blogs, with lots of varied content & with so many equine blogs, it's a great achievement to make the shortlist!

A little bit about why I started my blog

Team Tunnah Eventing's first post was way back in October 2012 & I decided to start it for a couple of reasons:
  • I'm a very focused person - I like goal setting, giving myself targets, aims & deadlines
  • I enjoy digital work - I like building things online (that's the geek in me!!)
  • I think social media is a powerful tool....in the right hands! & I enjoy being on it
  • I'm a firm believer you have to see your own progress to get better & improve
  • I LOVE horses and anything to do with them!
My blog was aimed as an online diary essentially - somewhere I could easily record what I'd been doing, competitively and in training. Over time, this would give me a platform to look back on, see the progress we had made, identify our weaker areas, and create some goals to work towards (especially useful in the hard-to-motivate-yourself winter months!)

Overall, I don't think the core focus of the blog has changed, except now I engage with a wider equestrian community to share experiences, successes, & in some cases, assist with problems. So far, I have only done this via Twitter (@TeamTunnah), but I've built a fair size audience who interact with my content & conversations, as well as enjoying joining other horsey folk on the various equine & rider chats throughout the week.

Along the way, I've added in my thoughts on products that I use & think that others may like to know about, or that others may find useful. These come from first time uses of products, to needing specific products for certain horses (stain-busting on a grey!), or my collection of things that are useful tips from others or that I've found over the years of being around horses.

Winning this award has definitely boosted my motivation to carry on improving the blog - making sure I keep bringing content that others enjoy reading, engaging with the wider community & having some fun along the way! 

At times over the last four years, fitting everything in can be difficult - leaving for work at 7am, not walking back in the door until 9pm, managing a demanding full time job (Mon-Fri, 9-5), juggling yard life, riding & competing, and finding time to work on the blog... & maybe the odd occasion to switch off (it's nearly Christmas!!!) So this award really means a lot to me; to be recognised for the hard work & effort that goes into this blog. Thank you Haynet & MirrorMePR! 

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