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Monday, 13 February 2017

Not to JUMP onto the Valentine's theme...

...but I'm going to, just not in the normal way! I've never been one for romance of Valentine's Day anyway...

Just what is it that we all LOVE about horses?

Whatever it is...it seems to drive us all crazy, and once you've been hit by the horsey bug, it's a difficult one to let go of!

I've taken some time to think about just what it is that makes us devote so much dedication to them (& believe me, on a freezing cold, winter's night, it's not an easy ask!!)

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Keeping fit & active, and staying outdoors

This one is for ANYONE involved in horses - they certainly help keep us fit and in the fresh air. Whether it is mucking out, or rushing back & forth to the wagon, riding, doing yard DIY, right through to just watching a friend or family ride, it's all active!

OK, so none of us really enjoy being outside on the coldest, wettest, windiest, winter's day...but we do! & in the summer, for me, there's nothing more relaxing than going down the field to call for Louie, enjoying a hack out, and spending a summer's evening with him.

Which leads me onto the next reason...

Clear your head & tell them all your secrets

How may people are really great listeners? Those who literally listen and give no expression or comment back to us when we're truly on a mad rant!?

Not many.

Good job horses aren't people then.

After a stressful day in the office, or even not so stressful, but just busy, going for a ride on Louie can really clear my head, even if it's in the arena on a winter's night. We're able to forget everything in our minds and concentrate on the task in hand - to enjoy our horses!

It is well known that horses can provide fantastic therapy for people with disability, learning difficulties, metal health problems, as well as being also used for children & adults suffering with confidence issues. Horses truly are a best friend to anyone...

The social side

Not everyone has a busy life away from the yard, nor a family waiting for them at home, or a wide circle of friends living locally to them. Horses can offer a great "community", whether you're a horse owner on a busy livery yard, or a volunteer to a local riding school, or have other friends with horses that you help out. Everyone can easily get involved in the social side to horses - have a quick coffee on the yard, arranging dinner out with your group of horsey associates, going for a group hack...Even if you're on a small yard, joining a local riding club and getting involved with their social activities is a good way to meet new, like-minded people. 

Building a circle of like-minded people around you can is a great way to express "a problem shared is a problem halved"... & for all the times you need to lean on someone or ask for advice, someone will do the same to you too!

The journey along the way

Something which I hope comes out across my blog is the journey of Louie & I - how we are getting on as we progress together. 

The journey we take with horses can give you a real sense of achievement and something that you can be proud when you look back. 

Not all journeys are easy, and I think journeys with the most bumps are the ones that we really look back on feeling accomplished and that we have improved ourselves along the way.

Adrenaline junkies need only apply

OK, so maybe not for ALL horse-lovers, but most competitive riders, whether amateur or professional, will probably say that the buzz of competing is a big motivator and one of the things that they love the most.

It's not for everyone, although for those who it isn't, most still enjoy watching those who it is!!

Be mine...

So whether it's being part of a social community, getting an adrenaline fix, de-stressing from grooming to a long hack, horses bring us all something special & continue to make us fall deeper and deeper in love with these incredible animals.

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