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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Badminton Horse Trials 2017

An eventing blog wouldn't be quite the same without some mention of the first four star of the year - Badminton.

Badminton is my favourite four star - I like that it is early(ish) in the season, I like the setup of it with the Badminton house in the background, and the vibrant red & white of the grandstand. But most of all, I love the cross country course!!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Eventing Legend, Yogi Breisner, Puts Us Through Our Paces!

The day after the Inspire with Yogi Breisner demonstration back in mid-March, there was opportunity to have a lesson with the master himself, putting both you & your horse put through their paces! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have such an experienced pair of eyes on both Louie & I.

As Louie had been off ridden work for about four weeks, I was convinced I'd not be able to get a spot back in the clinic with just four days notice. But I was a VERY lucky girl... I managed to organise a private, one-to-one 45 minute lesson with Yogi!

A private lesson with such an eventing legend definitely made the 5am Sunday morning start much easier - our lesson was at 7.30am, before the rest of Yogi's coaching day started.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Collaboration with Totally Horse & Pony Magazine

April saw the launch post of our collaboration with Totally Horse & Pony magazine, starting with a bright & colourful posts of items to match the spring bloom - Spring Green, Gorgeous Greys & a hint of Pink in between!

Each month, we'll be picking out our favourite items from across the horsey world for both you and your horse.

Image credit: Throstlenest Saddlery
I picked this glorious green to start off our first post as it's a colour that I really love, and is very fitting with the clocks going forward and the countryside around us coming into the gorgeous colours of the spring bloom.

While the colour itself is very bold on its own, it look even better when paired up with light or dark tones of grey. During my research to create the post, I soon realise that there are a whole host of colour to represent spring, and each has its very own matchy-matchy set it seems.

From the purples to match the crocuses and vibrance of pink and yellow of tulips, through to the spring-fresh green of the grass, you can tone all of it down with a more subtle grey. My only advice is not to to mix and match the colours together - only with the grey.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the series that we're doing with Totally Horse & Pony magazine over the coming month and that you'll follow along as the seasons (& colours) change.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

March Round Up

WOW! Well March seemed to fly past… & of course, ended on the BRILLIANT high of the clocks going forward – Spring has finally arrived!

Louie had his MOT in February, and in between a couple of visits from the vets, saddle fitter and physio, we spent a few weeks lunging. I’m a big advocate as to the benefits of lunging, seeing the way in which it has helped Louie develop and build up his muscles without the interference of a rider. Some people don’t see the purpose, but with the correct use of the appropriate aid for your horse, it’s a good exercise to support your overall plans.

Mid-March we were back to it – enjoying being back onboard and Louie was feeling fab!

It had been weeks since we’d been on a hack around the countryside, so at the first opportunity (the weekend), we ventured out on a GLORIOUSLY sunny spring morning – we got a real feel of spring fever that morning!

Monday, 3 April 2017

Hulne Park Pleasure Ride

Sunday just gone, Louie & I headed out on our first pleasure ride together. I quite enjoy the odd pleasure ride here & there - the countryside they ride through along with the manners of people also enjoying the ride are what make them for me.

The Percy Hunt held this one in the gorgeous ground of Hulne Park, just outside of Alnwick. The ride offers a 10 mile option and a 6 mile option - both follow the same trail and split off after the fields and jumps which is probably about the first 4 miles.

The start of the ride was through lots of big open fields with loads & loads of logs - more than I've seen on a pleasure ride before. They varied in height from 6 inches to 2'6", with one bigger one. They aren't placed around the fields which is good - no disorganised riders cantering in front of you!! It also means that if you go with someone who doesn't want to jump, you can still canter along together.
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