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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Blogger's Corner: Grow Your Twitter Using Buffer

Drive even more traffic with Twitter by using a scheduling tool

A few months ago, I was introduced to a great little tools for Twitter - Buffer. Buffer is a fairly sophisticated tool, allowing for scheduling, reporting and managing your social media all from one place.

I've mainly used it for Twitter, and it has sped up so much of my workload for pushing out my own posts, as well as making sure I have a queue of content through retweets and quote retweets. I also only use the free version to the tool and found it meets all the needs I have.

Go to the Buffer site to sign up and get your account plugged in.

When you first plug in, Buffer looks at your followers, and runs a brief analysis on them. While the free version has almost no analytics available, it uses this data to build your queue. Adding content to a queue is different to scheduling.

Your Twitter content that sits in the queue goes out at a time that Buffer believes that your followers are the most active online. 

You can see the times that your queued content will go out,
 as well as being able to manually changing them if you wish

So, how easy is Buffer to use?

It is SO simple! But I do recommend that you use it when on a desktop, as there's heaps more integration potential.

Once you have it hooked up, get the Chrome extension. This will allow you to easily and instantly compose a tweet from ANY webpage that you're on. So, if you're on another great blog & want to share it, it's as simple as a few clicks to get it added to your queue or schedule!

Here, I can easily share Hannah's latest update post to my own Twitter feed, and either
add it to my queue or schedule for a convenient time
In the 'Add to Queue' button, you can quickly drop that down to three options:
  • Share now (posts immediately)
  • Share next (puts it to the first spot in your queue & schedule, pushing everything else back one time place)
  • Schedule post (choose your own time and date to push the content out)

You can see it gives you the choice of images that it can find on the page, as well as giving the option for you to upload your own too.

In this example, I've used a post from Hannah Arscott's Kissing Spines blog, but you can of course run through the same process on your own blog with a simple click of the Buffer extension in your toolbar.

Using Buffer to Retweet & Quote Retweet

Another amazing feature of Buffer is that you don't actually need to leave Twitter to use it. If like me, you struggle for time to go through your Twitter feed everyday and share the content that you've really enjoyed, Buffer can really help you out. 

Every few mornings, over my morning coffee before I start my working day, I open my @TeamTunnah Twitter feed, and on the tweets that I'd like to retweet, I simply hit the green Buffer button - yes, it adds an extra button in Twitter for you!!

Here, I can add my own tweet t create a quoted retweet and hit the green button, or just hit the 'Buffer Retweet' button. Either way, you're then taken to the Buffer overlay, where you can choose to add to a queue, schedule, share now or share next.

The main reason I use this for retweeting is to avoid "spamming" my feed with a few days of content in one quick hit. There are 5 spots in my queue per day, but if I add scheduled content in too, I can have as many as I want - you soon get used to your queue times to avoid a clash of content going out at a close time. Plus scheduled content can be interdispersed in between your queued content so there's no prioritisation through the queued content.

Spend time filling your Buffer queue

Keeping your Buffer queue topped up is very easy, and best of all, they send you an email to let you know it is empty after the last tweet goes out meaning you get a reminder to sit down and do more!

Whether you top it up daily, weekly or whenever you find a spare 10 minutes, you'll always have content ready to go and know exactly when that bank of content has emptied right out!

What about links in Buffer?

You still have the 140 character limit in Buffer, and it allows "free" characters for images in the same way the main Twitter platform does. But Buffer comes with a built in link shortening feature as well as being able to connect with a couple of other shortening tool such as bit.ly

However, personal preference for my own Twitter activity, I don't like seeing a buff.ly link in my tweets, so I have chosen to use none of this feature, and it keeps my full URL but still only takes the 23 characters - the same as the Twitter interface.

If you're like me, to switch this off, head to setting, and select the 'No Shortening' option.

Other tools that you can schedule with on Twitter

The main Twitter interface has the ability to schedule tweets through its ads section. You don't actually have to run any ads to use it, but you do need to enter card payment details, even though it is free to use.

I personally find it more clunky than Buffer as there's no quick integration with sites that your visiting, or for scheduling retweets. There's also no automated queue, so all tweets are scheduled.

For me, Buffer is a nifty little free tool that enables me to quickly build a constant feed of activity to my audience, without the need to be "glued" to the interface or my phone!


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