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Friday, 11 August 2017

6 Picks...of Equestrian Clothing Brands

Top 6 Picks of Equestrian Clothing Brands

As part of my monthly feature on Totally Horse & Pony, I decided that August's edition should be my personal top 6 picks of equestrian clothing brands. We all have our favourites and our in the moment & on-trend brands that we spend whatever spare cash we have on, but I've tried to look a bit deeper than that... I've considered all of the clothing brands that I've experienced over the last 10 years since getting back into riding and highlighted my top 6 picks!

A is for... Ariat!

It's definitely no secret that I have a MASSIVE obsession with this brand - every shopping spree seemed to end up in at least one item from Ariat! From boots to polo shirts, to gillets and jackets, I've had it all (& more!). It featured in my A-Z of Everyday Equestrian because Ariat clothing should be in everyone's everyday wardrobe (I think!), but the brand's also made it into my top 6 picks!

My Ariat Obsession

The Mark Todd Collection

Another everyday item - the Mark Todd Gisborne breeches. The wear well, wash well and last AGES! I've been through a few pair in the last 8 years, but they are my go-to item for good fitting and perfect for everyday riding and yard duties!

The Mark Todd Collection Gisborne Breeches
Credit: Hopevalleysaddlery.co.uk


A Pikeur pick... competition shirts. One thing that really annoys me most is competition shirts that are too short! While tall, I'm fairly short bodied, so to find my shirt constantly untucked just isn't something I want to think about on competition days. Pikeur shirts seem to be that little bit longer, plus they have all the technology built in to help keep you warm on a winter's day, or nice & cool during summer season competing. And...they are super professional looking!

Pikeur Competition Shirts
Credit: Hopevalleysaddlery.co.uk


Ten years ago I bought 4 or 5 Joules polo shirts. OK, so some have now seen better days and are no longer with me, but 1 or 2 are still here - a DECADE later! I use these frequently to ride in the summer, or to add a base layer underneath in the winter months, and am still wearing them. They've washed well, and fair enough, some of the colours aren't as strong as they were, but for £35 a piece, I think they're definitely one to consider when looking for some new T's!

Joules Equestrian Clothing
Credit: @joulesclothing on Instagram


Very simply. Musto caters for sailing wear, not just equestrian. It is therefore, in my eyes, the best to protect you from the wind, rain and all the other elements that make up the good old British weather! Around 5 years ago, I invested in a soft shell gillet because I wanted something on top of my polo that was lightweight yet protected me a little from the cooler days and could go under a jacket easily. I like a good gillet too...!! They are a bit more pricey than some brands, but in my opinion, it worth the jump up and saving up for.

Credit: Musto.com


Something we don't always think about when it comes to clothing - socks. Time after time, I head to Toggi to grab a new pack of socks. They aren't the most high tech on the market, but for me they tick the everyday box, being good value for money and most importantly they are comfortable to wear under your boots or chaps.

Fun & Funky Socks
Credit: @toggiclothing on Instagram

Don't forget to check out my full edit of my top 6 picks of equestrian clothing brands on Totally Horse & Pony for yourself, but for now, I hope you'e enjoyed our quick run through!

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  1. I am also in love with Ariat! Had a pair of stall boots from them, best pair I ever had! And Pikeur has some awesome riding pants and other stuff too! Loved this!

    1. Glad to hear we have a couple of favourites in common! :)

  2. I agree that the Pikeur shirts are the best! Love them!

  3. Some amazing brands and some brands new to me that I will definitely check out. I've been looking for the perfect pair of breeches to fit my body type.

    1. I really do recommend the Mark Todd Gisborne - great value and comfortable & long lasting too.

  4. Toggi is without a doubt one of my favourite brands - I had boots from them which lasted 10+ years!
    Laura x

    1. I've never had the boots... Good to know they are worth considering if I need to in the future!! (Please don't leave links in comments! 🙂)

  5. I love Ariat - have some riding boots which have been going for about 10 years! They look very battered but are so comfy, I can't quite bring myself to stop wearing them!

    1. It is a fab brand and I too LOVE their boots. I only seem to replace them when they're completely broken, which like you say, only comes every decade!!

  6. Great picks! I like how you focus on durability over time as a part of he value. Totally agree. My favorite is Ariat too :-) just got a new pair of western boots from them!

    1. Durability is a big factor for me - equestrian products have a hard life so holding out is important! Glad to know there are so many other Ariat lovers out there!


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