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Monday, 14 August 2017

Blogger Recognition Award - Equestrian

My blog started out as a way for me to look back at my competitions performance and training progress to make tweaks & see the progression we were making, as well as being easy to spot areas that we needed to improve on. This changed a little when Louie & I's partnership started back in January 2015 - the blog a story of my journey with my first young, recently back horse. In November 2017, this changed again following my one of my proudest times of my blogging efforts - winning Equestrian Blog of the Year. Today, I continue to blog about competitions and training sessions, as well as documenting the journey that Louie & I are on, but it has become a lot more too.

Over the last 6+ months, I have changed my content to include posts about:

It certainly keeps me busy!

So, it was a fantastic surprise to receive an initial nomination from Heather Wallace over at Bridle and Bone, with a second nomination from Roosa Rantanen's blog, Roosa's Horsey Life. Thank you both very much!!

Over the last 4-6 months, it has been great to get to know other equestrian bloggers from all over the world through the creation of the Equestrian Bloggers Facebook group - some new and other that have been blogging for a while. I've been able to start regularly reading about various different horsey adventures, as well as being able to find & learn about new training techniques, different disciplines, find new products and just generally discover new things in the vast equestrian world.

The rules for accepting this award are as follows:

  • Thank the nominating blogger(s) ✅
  • Respond to the nominating blogger with a link to this post on their blog ✅
  • Share a story of how and why you started your blog ✅
  • Offer at least two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  • Pass on the nomination to another 15 bloggers!
  • Write a post about the award

Three top tips for new bloggers

1) Blog Regularly

While another tip is not to just post for posting's sake, you should try to post a blog as regularly as naturally allows. Whether it's a good or bad day, it's worth putting it out there. Reflecting on the "bad" days   is often a great way to pinpoint that there were successes underneath it all. Plus, there might just be someone out there feeling or thinking the exact same way, struggling with the same issue who you can connect with in some way. Similarly, don't be shy of sharing your successes - whether it's a big competition victory or finding a new, more efficient way of doing something in everyday yard life, you can share it!

2) Have Confidence

When you start out, you don't automatically start with heaps of traffic, but you will be able drive traffic from a variety of sources which in time will grow and expand. Have the confidence to keep going. Keep "testing" and tweaking your content styles to see which works best with viewers of your blog - why not even ask a few people for their opinion on your content? Keep going - be genuine, be authentic and be consistent in your approach. Figure out why you want to start blogging & keep that in mind.

Every blogger I know has received some sort of trolling or negativity & nastiness towards them, even by those they've known face to face away from their blog previously. DON'T LET THIS PUT YOU OFF. Seriously. They are in the minority.

3) Join a community or two for your niche

Every blogger I have met is highly supportive of one another, while also being able to suggest & receive constructive criticism to help everyone improve. Joining a community is a good way to share your blog and get feedback on it, as well as being able to ask for help - perhaps a technical issue with your blog or a content idea that you have. Communities are also a great way to see how others are doing it and can give you some great new ideas for promotion or content. Without being a copycat, you can very easily take an idea, change it and make it work for you!

Most importantly - HAVE FUN!

So, all that's left to do now is share with you all my 15 blogger nominations. In doing so, I hope you all find a few new ones, with a different twist and style, and that you'll enjoy regularly keeping up to date with them, whether on their blogs or through they social media.

Blogger Recognition Award Nominations 

These nominations are in no particular order.

Ruby won Haynet's Rising Star award last November, and blogs about her own adventures with her ex-racehorse, Scottie. Ruby has a passion for thoroughbreds and through an\ informative & educational approach to her blog, she aims to change opinions of the ex-racehorse.

Jessica's blog is the place to head to look at the latest products - she posts some really great reviews and is very honest about each and every one! The blog is also supported by a strong social media effort and I especially enjoy their Instagram...

No Bucking Way
This blog should win an award just for its name - I'm partly jealous I didn't come up with it myself! This blog is run by two lovely ladies - Darielle & Orla - and documents their journeys' with their two horses. It's well worth a read!

The Sand Arena Ballerina
Another blog with a fantastically creative name... Based in Australia, Andrea bring her dressage diva adventures to life, along with a wide variety of content. Andrea is a big community player, recently creating a post about the best of Equestrian on Instagram, as well as also helping to find new members to the Equestrian Bloggers Facebook group.

Journey of an Amateur Eventer
Reena always leaves me think, whether it be about finding motivation & drive, or real issues within the equestrian world. Her blog is very real, very honest and a great read for anyone thinking of having a go at eventing!!

This Equestrian
If you LOVE photos of horses, this is the blog for you. Renata takes simply stunning photos of horses and includes them into her content . If you want to improve your photography skills for blogging or social media, I'd say Renata is the person to connect with!

Alta Mira Horsemanship
I've only known this blog for about 2-3 months, but it's a common read of mine. Lindsey's blog goes into detail about a variety of training tips, methods and overall improving your partnership. It's worth checking out if you're up for considering new ways to try things.

Going Dutch Dressage
I discovered Gemm's original blog (Apache Diamond) about two years ago, and enjoyed following Gemma's training and competition reports. Following the sad loss of her horse, Gemma reinvented her blog to be more suitably named to document the journey with her latest partner - Cash! Gemma was one of the first equestrian bloggers I ever connected with, and she is always supportive & helpful towards others.

Passion for Horse
I'm quite fascinated with Mathilde's blog - it's about something that I know absolutely nothing about. Reading her blogs of training her purebred Icelandic horse, Baldur, is teaching me quickly though... Just last week I discovered a totally new gait - the tรถlt!

Team Belly Equestrian
Another very new blogger, starting just last month! Hannah's blog header couldn't sum up her content better - it's a life with three horses while also managing her life away from horses. Hannah's social media is full of inspirational posts which coupled with her blogs are a great motivator.

Diary of a Whimpy Eventer
Victoria has built up a brand of her own and is a real inspiration to what you can do with a blog and a fantastic sense of humour...even when you're not the bravest jockey! She has built up a really big Facebook audience and usually provide a daily dose of humour with her musings. Her natural way of taking her own confidence issues and using them to help others just shows Victoria's natural flare for a very relatable blog.

Happy Hooves
A connection I made on Twitter, Nikki is hugely passionate about horse welfare & equine health, and spending a lot of her blogging time reading, reviewing & pulling together posts on various health & welfare topics with the aim to educate her readers.

Head Strong Equestrian
The third blogger with a very creative name - developed by its author, Nikki Strong. This blog is a hugely mixed bag of content, from the story of an amateur rider wanting to give eventing a go to real, unsponsored product reviews of items that she uses everyday.

Roosa's Horsey Life
I thoroughly enjoy Roosa's blog and see her beautiful dressage adventures through training and competition, as well as providing style inspiration & top finds in everyday equestrian life. Roosa is based in Finland & is proof that a great community can help you connect all over the world! Roosa is a self-confessed matchy matchy addict, so head over to her blog if you're in the same club!

Bridle and Bone
Heather's blog is a little broader than just equestrian, covering our other four legged furry friends too - dogs. Heather's blog content speaks for herself, however her strong passion for driving a blogging community and supporting others in the blogosphere shouldn't go unrecognised, especially while managing a busy family life.

So, let's see if we've ticked all the boxed to accept our award!

  • Thank the nominating blogger(s) ✅
  • Respond to the nominating blogger with a link to this post on their blog ✅
  • Share a story of how and why you started your blog ✅
  • Offer at least two pieces of advice for new bloggers ✅
  • Pass on the nomination to another 15 bloggers! ✅
  • Write a post about the award
Just the last one left to do!

Help spread the word of these great bloggers, & give the post a pin!


  1. Oh, you are so sweet! Thank you for the blogger love and all you do for the equestrian community.

    1. You're welcome Heather! I really enjoy the community that's building and it's fab to know those involved with it are also enjoying it too! :)

  2. Thank yo so much for all you do, Sophie. Your blog is one to look up to, and I appreciate the blogger tips. It was lovely to read how you started blogging and your journey with Louie. Also, thank you for the nomination ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Thanks Lindsey! I'm pleased people find all that I do useful and I've really enjoyed discovering lots of new blogs myself!

  3. Thank you again for nominating me! https://passionforhorse.com/2017/09/28/equestrian-blogger-recognition-award/

    1. No problem!! Well deserved - I learn a lot of new things when I read of your adventures with Baldur!

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