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Friday, 25 August 2017

Meet Julia Hope, Editor of Totally Horse & Pony Magazine

Back in April, I did my first guest blog for Totally Horse & Pony magazine. After a couple of emails back and forth between the magazine's editor (& creator), Julia, we decided that I would create a blog once a month, focused around Fashion & Style. It's something that I don't currently cover on my own blog so gives a different angle completely when working with the magazine.

Since then, I've done four blogs covering different areas of fashion and style. I've also been able to build up a great relationship with Julia, bouncing ideas off one another and talking about upcoming collaborations & concepts.

Take a flick through the posts that are already published.

But what is Totally Horse & Pony magazine all about really?

Q&A Interview with Julia Hope

Enjoy our ten minute takeover with Julia below to find out what her creative spark was that put Totally Horse & Pony into publication, what future plans she has & what advice she has for other buddy business women out there!

What inspired you to start Totally Horse & Pony Magazine?

I come from a background of magazine publishing. I was editor-in-chief for a number of motoring titles and the subject matter, whilst interesting, didn’t really hold any great fascination for me - pistons and petrol weren’t really my bag! 

My passion always has been for all things equestrian, and as we started to move our motoring titles into digital formats, I realised that I could fulfil my ambition to do a digital publication about horses - something that really did interest me! 

I noticed that there is a gap in the market for teenage focused equestrian magazines and decided that I would create a product that delivered exciting features and stories that teens and young adults would want to read. 

Over the last few months since we launched, it has been really encouraging that we have also picked up some “older” readers too, which tells me that we are appealing to a wide audience which is great!

Recently, the magazine has become a content rich source for its audience, with a variety of topics, concepts and themes. It must take a lot of hard work to make this happen - tell us exactly what!

The magazine is like an ever-hungry monster needing constant feeding with new and different stories!! 

It’s incredibly time consuming writing the content, but what has been great over the last few months is that we have attracted a number of guest bloggers and writers who want to get involved with our magazine and who are writing some terrific columns for us. 

Amongst our fabulous team of writers, is Joanna Fisher, (@ladyjoannaf), International dressage rider and trainer who writes some great tips on frequently asked dressage questions. We have just launched a new series with a new writer, Hannah Craft, called The Adventures of an Unlikely Eventer which is attracting lots of interest. And of course, we have the lovely Sophie Tunnah (@teamtunnah) who has taken on the role of our esteemed Fashion and Style Editor, creating us some amazing stories on what to wear when! 

These and other bloggers are helping to create fantastic diversity for the magazine and I am incredibly grateful to them all for their assistance with feeding the monster!

I am now on the look out for a vet who would like to share their knowledge with readers about all things horse-health related – anybody out there interested?! Make sure you get in touch if you are (@tothorseponymag)!

With so many changes and new developments recently, I'm sure you don't want to lose momentum, so what's next for the magazine? Can you share anything exciting for the future with us?

I am considering finding a business partner now; someone who can help me develop the magazine from a commercial perspective and take it onto the next level. Plus, the whole digital side of things (SEO, advertising, etc...) is an art unto itself and it would be great to develop that, too. 

I have masses of plans for this incredibly exciting and rewarding project, but I only have one pair of hands! 

We've heard a lot about the magazine, but what makes Julia tick? If you ever get a moment away from editing the magazine features, what's going on in life?

Well, like most people, life is pretty flat out! I’m still writing and editing other magazines on a freelance basis which helps pay the bills (something Totally Horse & Pony Magazine has yet to do!!)

We also have four horses we keep at home – and I seem to be the unpaid groom for them all – not quite sure how that came about! I ride my own retired racehorse, who is a real dobbin and a gentleman. Sadly, his eyesight is failing so we just bob about the lanes, which is nice when I want a getaway for an hour or so. 

My 15 year old daughter has a lovely little event horse who we enjoy taking British Eventing. She’s doing BE90 for her first season. It’s gone well with a qualification for the Badminton Grass Roots Regional Final and she is already thinking about moving up to BE100 next year. She is also very active in our local Pony Club and has been on lots of teams this year going to some amazing venues including Rockingham, Gatcombe and Burghley as well as the Pony Club Champs. (Of course, I am the driver and groom for all these events so that’s been a busy old summer!) 

She also has a stonking hunting pony, who we are now fittening up for his third season, and of course there’s the adorable Trigger – our mini-Shetland cheeky monkey. 

Horses and magazine aside, we are busy converting some barns into holiday lets, and I am about to start a degree course in Psychotherapy in my spare time!

WOW - I didn't realise how much I actually manage to fit into life! 🙂

I'm sure that there is many budding business women out there who could look up to what you are achieving, and learn from it. What's your top tip to them?

If you’ve got an idea and you’re passionate about it – then give it a go. You never know – it might just work!!

Totally Horse & Pony Magazine Logo


Thank you very much to Julia for taking time out of her very busy schedule to work with me on this Q&A. I really hope you've all enjoyed reading it.

Don't forget to head over to Totally Horse and Pony to take a flick through all of the great content that is published. You can also follow the magazine on social media too - check out their Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter profile.


  1. Such an interesting read! I used to work in medical publishing and found that it did not feed my passions. So I'm using my publishing experience with Bridle & Bone. I love seeing another person follow their dreams.

    1. Julia has taken such a brave step to stand out on her own with her own publication - well done to her!!

  2. I may not be in to "human" fashion, but horse fashion is absolutely my thing! Lovely read, Julia seems very nice!

    1. Maybe I'll have to do my next post on the trendy wear for our four legged friends!?!?

  3. Such an interesting read! Julia seems very nice!

    1. Julia is a great contact and I've really enjoyed working with her!


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