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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Back in the saddle to showjump

Just a quick update from us today (we need to be up bright & early tomorrow to have a go at showing!)...but today, we got back in the saddle to start some showjumping training. The last time we did, things didn't go totally to plans due to Louie's saddle having become somewhat too tight behind his shoulders.

I'd had a little pop during the week at home, setting up two fences so I was jumping across the centre line. To start, I just had a little cross pole and two trotting poles, but after Louie popped the cross, I hopped off to make an upright of abut 70cm. We stayed in trot as Louie can get quite keen and I want to disassociate mine & his brain with the left shoulder issue we'd had back in June. After a couple of times jumping both each way, we finished, happy!

On Saturday, we enjoyed watching a couple hours of Burghley Horse Trials on the TV, before heading up further north to Titlington Equestrian for some training with Philippa Curry. Philippa is a UKCCL4 coach, and while having her own competition experience internationally, also coaches all over the world with some of the best showjumping combinations. We are very privileged to have her here in Northumberland, and I make sure I take full advantage of her coaching abilities.

We started out with just a canter pole, before building a small upright to jump in each direction. I needed a bit of a rocket up my backside to make me take control of which stride we were taking and getting my canter up to something that was worthy of jumping. But once we were back into it, we jumped a small course of three fences.

I admit, I was a bit rusty even after only a few weeks off jumping, so Philippa worked me hard on picking my stride, keeping my canter around the turns & sitting central around the turns. We also worked on using my seat and leg much more and focusing less on the hands to allow Louie to become freer in his frame in between and over the jumps.

Feedback, from both coach & rider during a jumping session

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  1. It's amazing how rusty we can get after just a few weeks off! It looks you and Louie had an amazing day.


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