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Friday, 29 September 2017

Blogger Review: Horse Addict

First up, what a great concept by Mathilde from Passion For Horse for all the members of the Equestrian Bloggers Facebook group to review a blog, and tell our audiences why we think they have such a great blog!! In short the concept puts all the blogs into the mix, and draw one for you to review, meaning that everyone is review and also gets the chance to make their own review of another too...

I was drawn to review Anne Leueen and her blog Horse Addict. This is a fairly new blogger for me to follow, and I discovered it when Anne post her introduction to the group on Facebook. Anne has something similar to me in that she gave up her love of riding when she went to university - fortunately for me, I managed to get back into it right afterwards, whereas Anne started back up at 50. Today, Anne enjoys dressage with her ginger Hanoverian gelding, Biasini!

Horse Addict is a very varied blog, where most equestrians would be able to find out something new to learn about... & most likely something that they didn't even know existed. The blog's design makes it very easy to scroll through the latest content shown on the homepage, and covers her daily adventures with Biasini, working horses such as Police horse, as well as touching on topics of tradition and history.

Onsite Blog Content

Aside from that, there are five main categories on Horse Addict:

  • Reviews
  • Horse Health
  • Horse Shows
  • Monday Minstrel (I always LOVE a blogger that comes up with their own regular themed features!)
  • Biasini Speaks

If you enjoy reading an equestrian blog and following one, Horse Addict is definitely one you could add to your list. Anne blogs almost everyday combining everyday horsey life with broader topics that are either personal to her & Biasini or wider equestrian topics. Anne also has added an 'About' section to her site where you can easily learn a little bit more about Anne's equestrian life.

One thing that stands out for me about the Horse Addict blog is the layout of the posts - there is a consistent left hand image with the title overlaid while the content scrolls up & down on the right hand side. It's unique and I've never really seen it on a blog before, but think it's a great way to display imagery and keep it against the whole post while also including images within the body of text.

Horse Addict also has related content underneath it's posts meaning that if you enjoy what you're reading, you can find EVEN more of it at the simple click of a link! It also makes it super easy for anyone to share the posts across social media - something very important for a blogger to enable. The only thing missing is a Pinterest option over all of the images.

Overall, I think this is a very user friendly blog, with a lot of varied content - some of which you may enjoy or maybe you only read certain pieces, but there is likely to be something for everyone!

I almost have no changes to their onsite content. From a fellow blogger perspective, there are some areas that I would suggest to improve.
  • The footer could collapse to make it shorter
  • Easier access to follow Horse Addict on social media from the homepage
  • The social media links in the bottom footer, just got to the social media homepages (this might be relating to a template restriction)

Social Media

I really like that Anne has chosen to concentrate her focus on great onsite content and one social network - Facebook. It's very difficult to balance the networks for their varied place in the landscape, but Anne's efforts on Facebook are quite something... Once again, there is varied content and not just from her own blog - there are many shares from sources all over the web and Facebook, some serious and some with humour injected. Of course, it's also a place Anne shares her own blog links, so if you want to keep up to date, make sure you give the Horse Addict Facebook page a like!

If you've enjoyed discovering Horse Addict, make sure you spread the word to others, and give this review a share on your social media!

* All images on this blog post are taken from horseaddict.net or 'Horse Addict Leueen' Facebook page*


  1. Great review! I agree I do also love the imagery on the left hand side. It's a very unique touch, and I am a very visual person.

    1. I'd never really thought about having it that way round. It's a great visual piece for the posts.


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