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Sunday, 1 October 2017

September Round Up

The met office predicted an Indian summer in September... The month started off in a very different way, with temperatures falling, more rain & wind that we'd seen in the last few months, and of course, it is the first month of Autumn.

Following a dressage focused August, we kicked off September with a brilliant show jumping training session. The last time we had jumped in early July, it hadn't gone to plan, and I quickly found out that Louie's saddle was pinching. So, armed with a brand new saddle, we headed off excitedly for a jump training session with Philippa.

The next day, our riding club was running a showing show, which Louie's never done and I've only done one show hunter class on Thomas four years ago. We decided to give it a go - it wouldn't harm working on grass, Louie needing to stand and wait, and cantering around with other horses.

Louie was brilliantly behaved, standing patiently, relaxing into his work and very much enjoying the cantering round at the end. He came home with two thirds and a fourth!! Take a read through how our morning went when we turned our hooves to showing.

So that's the first weekend of September covered off, but it didn't stop there. On Monday 4th September, we had a great session of equine physio & rider balance with Lee Clark. This is such an interesting area - I always ask Lee 100's of questions when he comes about Louie, his treatments, and about equine products in the market such as magnets and vibration therapy. He is very interesting to listen to and always gives a balanced view, as well as his own opinion on research and developments in his industry.

This time was the first time I'd ever had a rider balance session - I've had a recent issue of sitting very wonky over to the right, but until this session I didn't quite appreciate HOW far over to the right I was! 🙈

To find out what's involved in these session & why I think that they are as important as farrier visits, your feed regime, and any other overall part of your training routine, take a read through my blog post here.

We didn't stop there...

The following Sunday, we headed to another riding club event, a one day event. I'm not quite sure what didn't connect this day, but I just didn't feel like I was in the game and united with Louie... His dressage was consistent and obedient, but tense leading to a score around 65%. In the show jumping, I made the decision to trot (& I've absolutely no idea why I thought this was a good idea) and ended up almost punishing Louie for jumping when he went to canter keenly after each fence... In the cross country, he nor I just didn't feel excited. I wasn't nervous, just a bit flat...

As the classes run separately as well as a one day event, we came home with two thirds and two fourths, so we didn't disgrace ourselves at all, but it was a flat feeling day... I decided after five weeks on the bounce of competing to have a break away from it; not from riding but just competing. This will now be my third weekend away from competing and I'm enjoying the break, but we will soon be back to it!

In the meantime, we've kept going with our training, having a BRILLIANT flatwork session in the second week of September, as well as another showjumping session at the end of the same week.

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So while we were taking a break, enjoying hacking out over many stubble fields in the evening sun, we also welcomed the autumn equinox. I don't know any equestrian that doesn't hold the cold and dark nights at arm's length for as long as possible. I look at it a slightly different way... If you haven't already, take a quick read at our "unique" equestrian view on the autumn equinox

Autumn really is a beautiful season with the scenery around us changing from luscious greens to deep reds, yellows and orange... Just a shame that the days don't stay that little bit lighter all year round!! This month, we've taken every opportunity to enjoy a ride through the Northumberland countryside, just outside Morpeth, and taking in the fresh autumn air.

What's been happening on the blog?

It's not only been busy in the saddle, but also out of it! With a recent, very sizeable organisational change taking place in the company I work for, it's meant that I've been crazy busy (& tired), and was worried the Team Tunnah Eventing blog has suffered as a result.

Looking back, I don't think it has and I was, as always, worrying about nothing!

We've caught up with not one, but TWO big personalities in the equestrian blogger world to publish two very exciting Q&A posts! The first was with Samantha Hobden, founder of the popular Haynet network. The site is going through some fairly major changes right now, so it was amazing that Sam was able to find the time to catch up with me! Our next Q&A was with Diary of a Wimpy Eventer star and Blue Chip Allstar Academy pupil, Victoria Brant - another very busy lady so I was delighted that she too was able to take part!

Take a read of the Q&A's to find out what both Sam and Victoria had to say. Thank you both ladies for taking part.

For anyone who tunes into my Blogger's Corner series, Lindsey Rains from Alta Mira Horsemanship did a great guest post about how you can leverage Pinterest to help you drive traffic to your blog posts from a relevant audience actively seeking content to read through. If you've missed it, make sure you give it a read & check out the other post in the series here too.

I took part in my first ever blog hop, and the first blog hop that the Equestrian Bloggers Facebook group shared. It was a very reflective way to look back at the different changes that my blog has seen over the years, and why I started blogging against why I blog today - the core hasn't change which is fab! Have read for yourself of the Equestrian Blog Hop and discover some other great bloggers that are from all over the world.

Our final blogger initiative of the month was getting involved in a blogger review raffle within the Facebook group. A completely fresh way to really focus on someone else's blog and share it with your own readers. I reviewed Anne Leueen's Horse Addict blog, which is full of varied content including the journey of Anne and her ginger dressage diva, Biasini. 

WOW! I didn't think we'd done a lot this month, or that we could fit much more into the month based on the last few!! Well, we did...!

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  1. As always, I lovely way to catch up with your month! Those fall photos are absolutely stunning. My favorite time of the year.

  2. Seems like a great month for you guys! And Louie is looking fabulous!


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