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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Premier Equine Winter Rugs

So, over the last two years, I've become a bit of a fanatic for Premier Equine rugs, especially for the cooler months of the year.

Why do I love Premier Equine rugs?

  • Accurate sizing
  • Deep cut - around the shoulders & in length
  • Quality of product
  • Variety of styles, weights & durability 
  • Quick delivery

I didn't used to have much loyalty to any particular brand of rug so long as it was a good fit and suited the purpose. Over the last 10 years, I've had many different brands of rugs - Weatherbeeta, Horsewear, Kingshead, Masta... But thanks to a super Premier Equine Black Friday sale in 2015, I took Louie from the twice passed down rugs he was using & upgraded him to a stable, turnout and rug liner.

The little leggy four year horse at that time was just touching a 6'6, so he did resemble a little boy starting school in all his over grown uniform as he headed down the field in his Cellular Zone rug!

Skip forward a year to another fantastic Black Friday sale with Premier Equine, and Louie was starting to just hang out of the back of his rugs. Great...£££'s! They were still an OK fit so I thought I'd squeeze a bit more wear from them... 

This time round I just bought a heavier liner (200g) and a smart heavy fleece for travelling away over the winter to go on top of his magnetic rug.

Recently, I took the plunge to invest in upgrading his outdoor rugs to 6'9 to make sure he was toastie all winter long... I wanted rugs that were going to last, were durable, of a good fit and were warm (not just full of filling!)

I placed my order for a Titan Trio Complete 4 in 1 turnout rug... 

Titan Trio Complete 4 in 1 Turnout rug

OK, so it's a chunky price tag to pay in one go at £320, but for FOUR turnout rugs of good quality, I think that it's really low priced. Plus, I can use the liners with my stable rugs.

The "kit" comes with:
  • 1680D outer rug filled to 100g
  • 100g neck
  • 200g neck
  • 100g liner
  • 200g liner
  • 350g liner
The liners aren't combo ones & simply clip on to where your fillet string is, with two velcro fastening on the shoulders. They don't slip or move when they are correctly attached. I was concerned that with rolling and playing in the field the liners would get wet and absorb the water up onto the body. They don't. They are cut shorter than the outer, and also slightly shorter in the body so they aren't the point of contact with the ground when rolling. 

Just as a side note, the combo liners which I use with my stable rug are cut similarly, but have the addition of two belly straps.

Titan 100g turnout rug

I've been really pleased with the quality of this outer rug. It has easy to attach neck options and is elasticated at the top of the neck so it doesn't slip down (that REALLY annoys me about some other rugs!). There is a lovely soft fleece area over the top of the withers, and because of where the neck attaches so far it hasn't rubbed out Louie's mane.

I've found combo rugs are much worse for rubbing the mane especially for horses with a chunkier neck or built top line. 

The neck when attached doesn't flick up at the base, and overlap the outer main rug down the shoulders - some others have a much shorter overlap area.

The rug comes with the option of leg straps or a fillet string. Unfortunately they seem a bit long on Louie, even though they are just generic horse size, so I'm just using the fillet string for the moment. 

The chest straps are clips, not buckles, although they have buckles to allow you to adjust the width. The full strip of the chest has a strong velcro running down it, and when you line this up to put the rug on, the chest doesn't fold back. So many other rugs seem to do this and it must be quite uncomfortable with the velcro moving against a clipped horse's skin...

The tail flap in typical Premier Equine style is extra long (compared to other rug manufacturers), and has a loop for the tail to go through. I see a lot of others with these rugs that don't bother with this loop, but it's really useful in my opinion as it means that the tail flap can't lift up in the wind and create exposure to the back of the horse when they turn out of the windy weather.

Premier Equine Rug Liners

Since the first liner I bought, I've really liked these products. I'm a big fan of a layering system rather than buying multiple rugs of each different weight.

The 4 in 1 comes with three liners. Each liner has a fleece wither, two wide strong velcro chest straps and a clip on each side at the back to attach to the fillet strip clips.

As they attach at the shoulder, there is one square velcro strap on each side about four inches below the wither. 

Warning: these liners do need attaching at both ends. The liners are 'slippy', so not attaching them as designed can cause the top rug to slip around or up the body and over the head. I've had no issues with the liners or top rugs moving when they are correctly attached.

At 100g, 200 & 350g there's one for every day throughout the winter!

My stable rug liners are combo and have similar features, but with two velcro straps under the neck as well as a velcro strip to close the neck before fastening, and two belly straps. They have no fastenings on the shoulders, with a clip on each side at the back.

Black Friday Sale with Premier Equine

Here's hoping that Premier Equine will host another Black Friday sale! I'm in need of upgrading Louie's stable rug to 6'9's as well as the original 100g combo liner that I bought back in 2015. I'm sure I'll get very distracted & end up buying him many more goodies (as I always seem to end up doing!)...but hey, it's almost Christmas!

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