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Monday, 27 November 2017

November's Equestrian Blog Hop

The third instalment of the monthly Equestrian Blog Hop! Make sure you take a flick through all of the other bloggers at the bottom of this post also talking about...

What is our riding ambition?

The last near enough three years have taught me that the ambition of just having fun and doing whatever you enjoy with your equine partner is the most important aspect... At the end of the day, most of us are amateurs with very busy lives away from the stable. So why do we all seem to fall into the trap of putting pressure on ourselves?

This summer, I took a step forward to release that pressure. It was making certain elements unenjoyable. Instead, I looked at what is it that I wanted to achieve, and COMPLETELY removed the time pressure to have them achieved. I haven't looked back.

All that said, I am a very goal orientated person, by my own definition and every psyche personality profile I've done in my career... So for me, setting goals are a must.

But how ambitious am I?

Well, now I've removed that little pressurised devil - deadline - I'm actually much more ambitious. I seem to have developed the ability to simplify what I'm trying to achieve or where we are trying to get to.

I was WAY too ambitious when I got Louie. A weak, scrawny, just backed three year old... But I was determined to be at Bramham in the BYEH class, with a trial run at Floors in May. This was mid-January...

This was my first proper young horse, and even now Louie can require some so far out of the box thinking that the box never existed!!

Was I completely out of my mind!?!? Yes, I was.

Today, I sit here, confident that I made the right decision that April NOT to enter Floors, and just let my little pony grow into himself.

A very baby Louie back in February 2015

My ambition remains... OK, so not BYEH classes, but yes, one day in the future I hope that Louie & I will be able to go eventing.

But, now my ambition isn't just 'Go BE'. It's broken up into a series of mini ambitions, which as we are going along will spin off even more mini ambitions.

I know that we need to establish our Showjumping more, and begin to get out to more cross country course. Do I feel the pressure anymore to go out and do it tomorrow? No. Why? Because Louie is my horse of a lifetime and if it take ten years...so be it.

So long as he & I are having a hoot as we go...that's all I want!!


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  1. Love this! You see so many riders pushing horses that clearly aren't ready (mentally or physically), so reading about someone who's happy to let their horse (and partnership) develop is always a breath of fresh air. Completely empathise with the 'thinking so far out of the box that the box doesn't exist' sentiment - made me laugh a lot (I have a similar horse!).

    1. Like I say, going at the right pace is one of my biggest learning for the end results to shine through! :)

  2. I love this and can absolutely relate to being hard on yourself but needing goals. I definitely work better with an idea of where I want to go and how I want to get there.

    1. I am WAY too hard on myself, as well as being too much of a perfectionist and not allowing myself a mistake... All good learning over the last 3 years!

  3. Replies
    1. Really pleased that others out there can relate to my post!! :)

  4. I think young horse classes are sometimes great for some horses and sometimes with other horses you need to not do them as these horses are just not ready, whether it be dressage, SJ or eventing! I've seen so many young horses who were clearly NOT ready for young horse classes be broken or needing a long time off afterwards. I'm glad you decided to not do them with Louie since he wasn't ready.

    Also think breaking up your ambition into a series of mini ambitions is the best way to achieve it!!

  5. This is how I am right now too - mini goals are important to be able to see that big ambition coming true in the future!


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