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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Equestrian Blogger of the Year 2017: Roosa's Horsey Life

One month ago today, the Equestrian Blogger of the Year 2017 was announced. Judged by the lovely ladies at Mirror Me PR and Haynet, Roosa's Horsey Life was crowned the winner! In my opinion, a very deserving winner... Not only running a very personable and real blog, Roosa's social media follows her and her gorgeous horses in their daily life in Finland.

As the 2016 winner of the award, I wanted to catch up with Roosa following the winner and ask her a few quick questions about her blog, winning the title and what plans she has for the upcoming months. So, grab that hot drink, curl up and enjoy a quick-fire Q&A with Roosa's Horsey Life!

(& don't forget to head over to Roosa's blog at the end and take a read of my guest Q&A post with her too!!)


What your blog is about?

Roosa's Horsey Life is an equestrian blog that contains a bit of everything, from dressage
competitions and training tips to equestrian style and matchy advice. I’m an amateur dressage rider
and horse owner and I’m passionate about equestrian fashion and I use my blog to highlight the
most recent trends from well-known equestrian brands as well creating #rootd suggestions from my
own personal collection. I also do reviews of the products that I use, as well as featuring tales about
my horsey life –  the ups and the downs of owning and training my two horses Basse and Vallu.
I’ve also focused on combating online bullying and trying to send more confident and optimistic
vibes out into the internet horsey land.

Why do you blog?

My blog started off as an online diary for me to have in order to be able to look back on the journey
that I’ve been with my horses. I just really wanted to have a space online that I could return to when
I’m old and want to reminisce about the good old younger days! I can’t remember every single ride
that I have had, but with my blog I am able to look back at a particular ride or training session and it
feels like it happened just five minutes ago. It’s also amazing to be able to look back at where I was
a year ago with both horses and see just how much progress has been made!

Early on when I first started blogging I also realised that I actually do know something about riding
and could share advice and training tips to other people who happened to come read my blog
without feeling like a fake. I’ve been riding since I was a little girl and I think it's pretty safe to say
that riding is in my blood as my mother is a keen rider and one of my older brothers is a
professional dressage rider based in Germany. I’ve had nearly constant dressage training since I was
13 years old, so I want to help others with their dressage/flatwork and my most popular posts tend
to be my training sessions recaps, training tips and my riding exercise of the month posts. This
doesn’t surprise me much as I often google “riding exercises to help with X, Y or Z” and I know
I’m not the only one trying to find help and inspiration online.

Like I already mentioned, I’m also a little bit obsessed with equestrian fashion and style. I love my
matchy collection so blogging is also a creative outlet for my inner fashionista! My #rootd and
trends to watch out for series are there to help people easily keep up to date with trends within the
equestrian world.

What does the award mean to you?

Gosh, it means everything! Next January I will have been blogging for 5 years so this is like an
early celebratory present! It’s amazing to have confirmation that my little corner of the Internet is
considered to be engaging, diverse and entertaining to read. I love that my honest and enthusiasm is
visible to others. At the end of the day I do still blog for myself, but this award has shown me that
actually other people find my blog worthwhile to read and follow!

Any plans you maybe have over the coming months?

So many competitions planned for next spring with both my horses as long as they are healthy and
stay sound! We are currently in the process of selling our yard and moving to the UK, but since it’s
taking its sweet time I’m currently starting to plan my training sessions over the winter months so
that the horses and I will be ready to the first spring competitions. But obviously if the house selling
and buying process speeds up, we could be moving back to the UK in the next few coming months,
which I am SO excited for!


Thank you very much to Roosa for taking time to talk to us about her blog. I sincerely believe that Roosa deserves Equestrian Blogger of the Year - not only is she a great blogger, but she is an active member of the blogger community, giving support to bloggers from all over the world.

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