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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

6 Picks...of 2017 Posts

Well, here we sit at the end of 2017... & what a year it has been! Our 2017 annual round up post certainly showcased that, but it's not only in yard life that we've been especially busy with the blog...

To put that into context, 2015 & 2016's total blog posts only come to a third of that total...!

Over the course of 2017, I've had some really fun projects to work on including managing to get a quick fire Q&A with Swedish Olympic eventer Ludwig Svennerstal, collaboration with Totally Horse & Pony magazine, the launch of Blogger's Corner and covering increasingly more events that we attend as spectators.

But as my mind turns towards 2018 and what I'd like to do with my blog over the next 12 months, I've ben reviewing our top posts of the last year to see what it is that you all enjoy!

Here's my 6 picks of my 2017 blog posts...

Equine Physio & Rider Balance with Lee Clark

My most read post EVER! I'm exceptionally pleased with this post, not only on the blog but also on my social media. People were really curious about the sessions I'd had with Lee - I had lots of questions about my post both public and private. 

As with many of my posts, it's a very detailed breakdown of how the sessions work, what Lee asks of horse & rider during the sessions, as well as my own personal feeling of how the sessions went.

If you haven't given it a read yet, make sure you head over to find out how equine physio & rider balance sessions can become part of your own regular training regime.

Glow Means Slow

A campaign that I 100% support, not only as its own campaign but as a message to other road users. I met Sarah via the Glow Means Slow Twitter account earlier in 2017, and after it was clear she was not only very passionate about the campaign but also very vocal, I offered her the chance to take a guest blog spot. This gave Sarah the complete freedom to express her thoughts, feelings and why she was dedicating time to such a great cause.

I strongly believe that as riders we have a duty to educate folk about sharing roads with us - and that's not only limited to car users. I've had bad manners from almost ALL vehicles types on narrow country lanes... 

If you agree, make you you give the Glow Means Slow post a read and see if you can get involved!

A-Z of Everyday Equestrian

So it seems all of my 26-day-long hard work wasn't all in vein as this blog post was third in terms of number of views over the course of 2017. Good, at least makes me feel better about my frantic photo taking for each item everyday!

From basics such as carrots to magnetic & vibration therapy, and from the contents of my first aid kit to my over-the-top obsession with Ariat (!!), my A-Z of Everyday Equestrian has a number, 26 to be precise, of items that you'll have around the yard in every day life!

Take a flick through and see how many items you've also got on your everyday list!

Meet Blue Chip All Star Academy Pupil, Tina Wallace

I met Tina through the Equestrian Bloggers Facebook group I created in March & found that she was very personable and just starting out on her blogging adventure. I also discovered that Tina had not only applied to the second series of the Blue Chip All Star Academy on Horse & Country TV, but that she had made it to the show! It was due to start up on TV at the end of May, and I thought it would be interesting to hear why Tina applied, how she found the experience & what she enjoyed most.

A lovely pic of Tina & her horse Banksy
So head over to our Q&A with Tina to find out about her experience on being on of the stars of the Blue Chip Academy earlier in the year!

Badminton Horse Trials 2017

I'd considered going to Badminton this year, but with various things at work and home, I decided instead to enjoy a day with a couple of friends to watch the cross country on TV. Maybe next year...!

With a new course designer for 2017, I wanted to highlight all the changes that competitors & spectators were to see along the way. As I created the post, it turned more into an overall guide including drawn orders, where to watch Badminton horse trials on the TV or listen on the radio, and how to keep up to date with social conversation around the event.

People seemed to like it as it was my 5th most popular post of 2017! To recap on the event, give my Badminton Horse Trials guide a flick through. There's even a Badminton round up post to enjoy too!

Inspire with Yogi

I'm really pleased that my review of the Bedmax Inspire with Yogi clinic demonstration made it into my top 6 posts for 2017, mainly because no matter what your ability, what level you're at, whether you're a rider, owner, parent, partner or coach, Yogi's sessions will teach you something.

The day was superb, seeing various combinations at different levels and experiences being put through their paces, as well as hearing Yogi talk through the exercises and why he was instructing what he was. 

Even better, was my unique and exclusive time with Yogi when we picked him up from the Airport - it gave me the chance to ask him almost anything, but surprisingly horses weren't the topic of conversation! 


I really hope you've enjoyed following our blog over 2017, and that you'll continue to come back throughout 2018 to see what our next adventure is!

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