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Thursday, 31 May 2018

May Round Up

Happy times, sad times, high on emotion, but finishing the month positively! It’s literally been a month of two completely different halves 🙈

After what had felt like a very long, cold and wet final winters flurry, we made the most of the warmer evenings and drier weather. Evening hacks across the fields were a given, and we even enjoyed some time schooling outside of the arena, using the cross country warm up field as our quiet space. I find it much more relaxing and refreshing being able to school while out hacking, rather than prancing around the arena. Louie seems to enjoy it much more too! 💙

Of course we didn’t go out alone, and explored lots of new places in our new surroundings, discovering beautiful tracks surrounded by conifer trees and bridleways through the woods.

I think we need to work on our selfie skills though!! 🙈😂

Making the most of an extra day to our weekend with the early May bank holiday, I took Louie cross country schooling. The course at my yard wasn’t yet re-opened and it’s always fun to go away to have a party!

Louie hasn’t done any cross country for over a year, so my sole objective was to jump everything we did last year confidently and for him to come away thinking he was king of the world.

It was BOILING!! ☀️
The field is surrounded my forest trees so the was no wind either. I took it easy on Louie, having a canter about and then walking in the shade and splashing through the water. We jumped a couple, then did the same to make sure he (& me!!) didn’t over heat. It definitely wasn’t a day you willingly want a body protector on!

Louie popped all the simple things I pointed him at, including showcasing a lovely pop over the ditch. He was super confidently but without being cocky so I tried a couple of new jumps and he just flew over them, including an arrow head and a skinny roll after the bank!

I took so much confidence from his attitude and we definitely achieved our objective of him leaving feeling like a king!

We were back to the same venue a week later to enjoy some showjumping in the sun. Entering two of the small classes, Louie was really confident and despite having a bit of a cheeky blip, I was pleased at how he had performed, and at how I had ridden in the ring and coped with Louie’s mistake.

A few days later, it was our monthly flatwork session with Cathy. Louie went like a dream boy!! 😍

We had a great session, working on all the usual techniques to lengthen Louie, but this time I had a new player in the game... my highly rebellious right hand! 😡

Could I keep the thing still!? Nope! Not a chance. Bobbling around as we went, with a permanent reminder to keep it still from Cathy - I even joked that I’d hope next month she’d tell me I’m too rigid!!

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I was looking forward to nailing this annoying habit over the next month, as well as a couple more dressage parties, especially as we’d received confirmation of double area festival qualification!!

That was soon halted.

Disaster struck...it always does when things are going well and you’ve got a nice little plan in place for the next month or so.

Louie had an accident in the field, running into something to create a puncture wound that turned out to also chip & hairline fracture the humerus bone 😢

That happened on 17th, but thankfully his recovery is going really well! Starting with a five night sleepover at the vets to flush the wound and keep him on a course of antibiotics. He now doesn’t seem uncomfortable to walk on the leg and there is now no swelling at all. The puncture wound has healed a treat and is almost fully closed. It’s neat, no heat and completely clean. Fingers crossed the positive progress continues and we will be back in action in no time!

I’ve already done a full blog post on the accident here if you want to find out more.

I’m missing taking my little dude out and about, but the main thing is that he is recovering well and strongly for the future. He’s been very well behaved & is enjoying being completely spoilt rotten!! 😂

Hopefully we will be back to boring you all with these views very soon (taken on my very tippy toes while walking Louie out in hand!)


  1. Poor Louie! So glad to hear that he is making a good recovery though.
    It’s so frustrating the way these things so often seem to happen when all is going so well

    1. He's being such a good boy, makes managing the situation so much easier! Fingers crossed his very positive recovery continues and it will soon be a blip behind us! :)


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