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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Buying Horse Supplements Online

Most of us animal lovers will have come across VioVet, mostly for our house pets rather than horses, but recently I discovered that VioVet now stock equestrian products, & that it's quite an expansive range too!

As someone who has always headed to the local tack shop or feed merchants for Louie's feeds and supplements, ordering online was a bit new and I had a few reservations about delivery. I'm very used to buying horse rugs, grooming products and equestrian clothing online, but never feed product. Needing a bit of a top up, I gave it a go...

Product range

There are over 720 supplement products listed on the website from a range of brands, including TopSpec, Blue Chip, Global Herbs & Equine Products UK, and covering a number of health benefits from joint care to muscle recovery, and respiratory to behaviour & calming products.

Louie has been on TopSpec Calmer and Joint Balancer almost since the day he arrived home with me, and one thing is for sure, I am more than happy with his diet and how well he responds to it. However, one thing I'm REALLY bad at is remembering a visit to the local tack shop at the weekend to replenish his stocks when they are running low... 

Why I haven't ordered online before

I've always been a little sceptical to ordering horse feeds and supplements online for two reasons - 1) delivery times, & 2) delivery charges. I am one person, wanting just one or two items, so delivery can get expensive, and with some feed providers on local deliveries, they will only drop so few items at another delivery point, and not to my address. 

VioVet offered a number of different delivery options, and it is really clear on the website as to whether the product you're looking at is available for immediate dispatch. To my surprise, they also offer FREE delivery!!

Needing a top up on Calmer, I decided to give it an order a go. Despite so much of my life relying on online purchasing and services, I'd never ordered horse supplements online before so I was keen to seen how smoothly the process went...

Ordering through VioVet

I ordered on Wednesday lunchtime and using a standard delivery service, my Calmer (& a few extras of course!) had arrived by Friday lunchtime. I've often been caught out before by running out of Calmer and then being really stuck because my local tack shop had no stock.. Knowing that it's this easy to order online & have it just 48 hours later is perfect. I'll definitely be doing it in future again!

What was even better was it was actually cheaper than going to the local tack shop or feed merchant...by £5!! Usually I pay £29.99 - £32.99 (depending on which store I go to), but VioVet's offering was £24.99 for the 3kg tub.

Final verdict

I'll definitely be ordering Louie's Calmer again from VioVet, and with so many other equestrian products, I'm sure Louie will be spoilt with a treat or two extra added to the order each time!

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