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Saturday, 22 September 2018

An ode to a non-riding hubby...

I actually nearly titled this post ‘...to a non-horsey husband’ but I think that wouldn’t really have reflected Andrew and just how much a part of our team he is!

If you know us, you’ll know how much Andrew is involved with my horsing around, from training & competing to mucking out & making sure we’re topped up on feed, he throws himself into it all!

Maybe I should promote him to Team Manager...?

Starting out with photos & videos

For anyone who follows us on social media, unless it’s a good old classic through the ears shot, most of our photos & videos are Andrew’s handy work. And sometimes he’s got a SUPER eye for capturing a great shot...

But most of the time he’s on hand with an iPhone camera to capture our moments to look back on, review & learn from. Yes, this is the real reason I record almost all my training & competitions...to reflect on what we worked on, or how Louie was going in a movement when a judge gives a score/makes a comment. When we’ve had mishaps, Andrew’s there to not only pick me up (give me a shake!) and enabled me to view in slow mo just what went wrong.

But he’s not only there for his iPhone...

Team Tunnah's chauffeur 

He drives us ALL OVER (including occasionally up the wall!) but he’s always there to take us to our training sessions or pony parties so I can enjoy a good snooze on the way there...& on the way back!

I'm sure Andrew will have many a photo of me catching some ZZZZ's while heading out & about!!

On the odd occasion, when he’s not been able to drive us, I’ve done it, and it makes a huge difference. I really miss those motorway snoozes! But it’s not only the actual driving, he’s on hand before we leave, busy around the yard preparing haynets & water containers & filling up with everything we need. He’s on hand to get Louie looking smart as a dart while I'm often in the horsebox getting changed, as well as ready with water buckets, rugs, headcollars and everything in between for when we're finished. Back at the yard, Andrew's busy sweeping out the shavings and making sure the horse area is spick and span, while I sort Louie out. He's also pretty good at empty all of our stuff out and bringing it to put away, including rolling bandages (no one likes that job!)

So that's a photo/videographer AND a driver...but there's more!

There's a lot of good in watching a lot of training sessions

Andrew has watched pretty much all of our training sessions, and while he is by no means able to lead a session, I have to give him credit, as he is able to point out things to improve when we practice at home or are in a warm up. Sure, when it's going not so well, I might bite his head off a little 🙈 I know actually go to him to ask for feedback or what can be tweaked.

This aspect makes for a really strong team feeling between us as Louie and I progress.

Helping out at home

Yep! Behind the scenes (or as most call it, at home) we wouldn't be able to do what we do during the week if it wasn't for Andrew's organisation at home. Although Andrew was a huge advocate for high gloss white tiles throughout our downstairs...when we have a hairy BLACK labrador...most nights I come in to a hoovered home, that's clean and tidy, leaving the short time I do have after riding on a night for some downtime.

That's not all. Andrew is the chef in our house. During the winter months, he's often busy making ginormous pots of soup, chill con carne, mince and vegetables or chicken curry, all ready to go into serving portions and into the freezer. On a morning, we (mostly Andrew) just takes out what we want and it's defrosted by the time we're in on a night and just needs a few extras on the side to make it a meal.

A reminder on being organised...

OK, so I haven't got the best of memories. I always seem to be busy doing something when I remember, and think 'I must do that...' Thankfully, Andrew seems to be able collect all of these things I forget - whether it is to order a new pair of competition breeches or to enter a competition or book a training session - he's always there to give me a nudge!

But, despite all of the gentle reminders, I still seem to forget to collect feed from the local feed merchant. Fear not though, as Andrew is on hand, working nearby, and will often pop across on his lunch break and drop it into the yard on his way back for me! Seriously, sometimes Louie would have nothing left if it wasn't for Andrew collecting it for me... 

Good company out hacking too

Recently, Andrew has started to come out on his bike with Louie and I while we are out and about hacking. It's great to spend some time together, and for me to be able to show Andrew all of the amazing routes that are around the yard. I often come home raving about where we have discovered new places on our adventures, and it's nice to show him where these are and hear that he too thinks that they are great.

Quite often, Andrew will disappear off ahead of us, and when we catch up with him, we figure out what he's been up to...hunting for sloes in the hedgerows!! I can't complain as he makes the most delicious Sloe Gin, and now that he's riding about around with us, he's more berry stock than ever, bringing bags & bags home the last few times!

An ode to a non-riding hubby

So, after introducing Andrew to the world of horses over 11 years ago, I think it's more than fair to say he has his place in the team, and while he doesn't feature very often, most of our adventures & activities wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for him.

I'm sure he'll tell you all about how much time our hobby takes up, but secretly he really enjoys it!!!

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  1. Top man!! I'm glad I'm not the other one whose other half does most of the cooking too


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