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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

#Blogtober Day 16: Tip Tuesday

Tuesday's certainly come around fast when you've to create a tip for them each week! 🙈

So, for today's tip I'm going to go down the route that will inevitably mean that I'll be putting it into practice... 🙄

Get your equestrian first aid kit stocked up for hoof abscesses

Hopefully, they are few and far between, but right now is prime time for hoof abscesses to show their very ugly and unwelcome face. As the ground conditions, go from hard and dry to soft & moist, our horses hooves become more absorbent and physically softer for things like sharp stones to make a puncture in the soles.

If like me, it was A LONG time ago you had to deal with an abscess, you probably can't tell anyone off the top of your head how many poultices you have or whether you've any vet wraps to hand. 

So take a few minutes & get prepared with a few simple clicks on Amazon to have your four key abscess fighting items to you door the next day!

✅ Animalintex (buy the roll so you can cut to the shape of the site of the abscess)
Cohesive bandages (don't buy vet wrap - ones on Amazon are MUCH cheaper!)
Milton sterilising solution for cleaning (again, much cheaper on Amazon)
✅ Duck tape *Top tip - don't buy the extra strong or Gorilla tape, it actually doesn't stick as well*

Fingers crossed this doesn't bring on an abundance of abscesses for us all! 😳

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