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Thursday, 18 October 2018

#Blogtober Day 18: Horse Themed Pumpkin Carving 🎃

Being that I struggle carving a basic smile out of the side of a pumpkin, I'm not about to share a collection of amazingly carved pumpkins, all in a horse theme, ready to be admired. In fact, I'd say I even struggle to carve and scoop out the centre of a pumpkin... So now I've established I definitely don't have the required skills for basic pumpkins carving, how will I tackle today's Blogtober topic?

Simple. I'm going to bring you the best horse themed pumpkin carving from across the web, OK, well mostly from Pinterest!! So here's my 6 picks!

Horse Themed Pumpkin Carving

🎃 I mean, look at this absolute Celtic masterpiece! The time and effort that have gone into this is just incredible. Looking closely, you can see that there's different angles and depth that the pumpkin has been carved to give the different shades of light coming through. Unbelievable... especially when I struggle with a basis square or circle!

🎃 Another person with extreme patience to carve this delicate lit up image of a horse's skeleton structure. Even with detail for a mane and tail waving in the wind as it is galloping along...👌

🎃 It wouldn't be a horse themed list if a unicorn didn't feature! This is the one pumpkin that I really wish I could carve! Carved into a perfectly and neatly circular pumpkin, with stars dotted around, I can onlly dream of being able to place a pumpkin like this to greet trick-or-treaters...

🎃 Another clever carving combing horses & a spooky Halloween scene (did you notice that the rider has no head!? 😱) If you also look closely, you see that the majority of this carving doesn't actually go all the way through the pumpkin, allowing the light and dark dynamic to the final effect.

🎃 Perhaps has the added effect of a strong and bright light in the centre behind it, but this horsey pumpkin design is one I don't think I would want to throw in the bin when Halloween is all over. It's a beautiful image of a handsome horse's head, with a wild mane blowing as he's cantering free

🎃 How to turn the horse into the spooky object... Transforming to a colony of bats, flying along behind. A creative and imaginative way to bring horses and Halloween together.

🎃 It seems in this last pick that it's not only the outline of a horse that you can re-create on the side of a pumpkin, but in fact give the horse a colour. In this case, a skewbald or piebal horse has been carved, with its long white socks and neatly plaited mane.

So there's my 6 picks of the best of what Pinterest has to offer when it comes to bringing horses to life when carving a pumpkin. I wondered how many of you can re-create some of these designs this Halloween?

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