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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

#Blogtober Day 2: Tip Tuesday

It's day two of Blogtober & today's topic is providing an Autumn related tip. For me, taking time out during Autumn, it is a great use of time to get prepared for those winter months that are just around the corner. Make life easy for you and get everything ready from your tack room to your horsebox, to your clothing to everything that your horse needs.

Taking time to have a good clear out AND sort out

Let's be fair, we've all put all of our winter items well out of sight and enjoyed the warmth of the summer, but now is the time to dig everything back out.

Start with your rugs. I surprise myself every year with how many I have! Get them all out, make sure what you're going to need is washed, reproofed and repaired if needed. In doing this, you'll probably also realise you've far too many too, or that some need replacing, or you're missing a few options. So whether it's sell or buy, you're likely to need to do something, so being prepared it key! 

Plus when one of those cold (or even more surprisingly, hot) days catches us out, you'll have every option that you need right at your fingertips.

Next up, look at what you've got in your horsebox as this is where most get caught out.

✅ Waterproofs for you
✅ Rainproof sheet
✅ De-icer
✅ Spare travel rug
✅ Spare clothes for when you get SOAKED!
✅ Engine checks

Don't forget too, if you've got a horsebox that has a few miles on it, take it to a local garage to be sure you can be confident with your tyres, oil and brakes!

Next check for me is to make sure I've got everything I could need to keep me going throughout the winter. Whether it is a thermal mug to keep me warm on the yard, or a set of yard gloves to keep my fingers warm, or washing any winter coats, over-trousers and the like in preparation for winter... 

And of course, a good one to do, make sure your wellies are waterproof BEFORE you need to walk across the field in them!

Finally...clipping. Did you get your blades sharpened and your clippers serviced last time you clipped, or were you just so relieved to have finished, you just popped them back in the box? If it is the latter, you should take the blades to be sharpened and most places will tell you how often you need a service based on the workload - so how many horses they have clipped, the hair type, the age of the clippers, the way you've looked after them... Always better to checked than have them clonk out part way through your clip!! 🙈

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