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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

#Blogtober Day 24: What Did I Do Today

After a few days being slightly immobile due to a problem with my back, today I headed back to the office. I found it quite difficult as I am super stiff in my back and unable to bend forward or bend to sit down properly, but I managed and now sitting typing this up, I feel much better for having a more mobile day...even if it was a little painful at times!

Late afternoon, we had Louie's physio booked. Ironic timing being it is me that needs a physio right now... We use Lee Clark, and for those of you who have followed us for a while, you may remember his visit last September when we underwent an equine physio and rider balance session. Today was just to assess Louie...

I wouldn't usually leave it more than a year, and Louie was due in March, but as we moved and turnout was very limited due to weather, I decided to wait until he was on full days of turnout. Unfortunately, he had his injury and even since the end of July, I have intended to book Lee to come and see him... Anyway, we got there in the end!

I was a bit useless so forgot to take any photos which is annoying, and it made for a interesting attempted at trotting up as I skipped along (almost hopping) to make sure Lee got a good view of him moving. Lee was happy with his symmetry, just spotting the occasional toe tap in his back feet. There could be two causes for this:

  1. He may be due a hock medication - it's been over 18 months since his last one
  2. Stiffness from boxrest over the summer which just needs stretching out

Louie also has his usual tightness over his glutes, which a short amount of time with Lee using an electronic current soon relieved. He had no soreness over his neck, shoulders or saddle areas which was really great news!

I've got two stretches to do with Louie - bringing his fetlock to his tummy and his back toes to the backs of the knees at the front. Doing these before exercising (hacking, schooling or jumping)  to help the stimulate the tissues and structures into the range of movement, and doing them again afterwards to support the elasticity and suppleness to them while they are still warm from working.

Louie's won't be in work until mid-next week, so hopefully by then, my back will be good enough to actually pick up a hoof but also encourage Louie to do these stretches with me.

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