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Friday, 26 October 2018

#Blogtober Day 26: Advice for New Horse Owners

To start this post, I wanted to flip it around... What do I wish I had known when I was first a horse owner? So, in today’s Blogtober post I’m going to bring you my top three tips when buying a horse for the first time!

  1. Don’t let excitement over rule being sensible

    It’s very easy when we all see a very pretty pony to become very excited. And it is fine to experience that excitement, but don’t forget the long term game... It might feel "heartbreaking" to walk away right now, but in reality it will only be harder later down the line.

    If you don’t feel that knowledgeable, take an experienced friend or trainer who understands what you’re capable of, what your limitations are & has the ability to balance the pros and the cons (something you may struggle with if excitement is ruling the roost!)

    Always remember / never forget, there will always be another horse, so don’t feel the pressure to rush into a decision.
  2. Don’t expect every seller is going to be honest

    Just because the ad says "genuine sale" doesn’t mean that it is...everyone is selling for a reason. Don’t be mid-guided by the ads that list "through no fault of his/her own" or "change in circumstance" aren’t in fact a cover up for something else! BUT that something else isn’t necessarily a negative...

    Not every horse and rider will gel / get on / have a great relationship together. And that’s fine. But an honest seller will also tell you why they aren’t suited to avoid the same thing happening to you. Most sellers want the best for the horse and for you to be happy with your purchase from them...
  3. Make sure you dedicate time to building a relationship
    This means in AND out of the saddle!! It’s not all about the riding, you need to build a relationship with your new horse, so spend time grooming, bathing, tidying, & if you’re on livery, don’t underestimate how much difference a period of time going to part or full DIY can make.

    Get to know your horse’s habits, routines and preferences. Let him or her know you’re the safe person in their life, and that whenever you’re close by, life is good, life is easy and life is simple. This will help you hugely when your in the saddle and need to give your horse reassurance or need them to listen to you.
So, I hope today’s Blogtober post can bring reassurance to a few new horse owners out there. Enjoy your new neddies!

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