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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

#Blogtober Day 3: A Day in the Life of...

I often end up apologising for my lack of activity on my blog and it's usually a good way to tell how busy all the other parts to my life are. So in true nature of today's topic, here's the average day in the life of me!

6am: Alarm goes off 😴
If I'm good, there will be no snoozing either! I put my phone on the far side of the bathroom door so it's more effort to go back to bed than into the shower. In between checking my social media, blow drying my hair and trying to not look like Frankenstein by putting some make up on, I aim to be dressed and read to leave around 6.50am. However, 9/10 it's 7am or later...

7am: Leave the house
I drive to work and with a good day's traffic it will take me around 30 minutes to get to the office, door to door, especially at that time of the day. I'm lucky, it's on two main dual carriage ways, and apart from some MAJOR roadworks at the other end, it's an easy drive.

7.30am: I'm sitting at my desk and ready to work. I'll usually start with a good check of my inbox looking for anything that's needed attention overnight, or that I didn't get to from the day before.

8am: Breakfast time 😄
With the cooler mornings, I now have porridge with organic peanut butter and a teaspoon of running honey. Yummy and puts me on until at least 12pm before I'm thinking about my lunch! I eat at my desk while carrying on with my inbox, or starting my tasks for the day. It's a daily milestone - my first coffee! Life gets better after that...☕️

8am-3pm: My job is Head of Acquisition Marketing, so comes with that a lot of pressure, whether it be around how the business is performing, attending meetings and conference calls, or directing a team across Europe to produce the best outcome. I don't really have two days the same, and with almost all time zones in Europe to contend with, it often makes my days more intense in the morning.

Lunch will come at around 1pm, but is often just to grab something and eat at my desk, whether from the local deli or something I've brought in. It's the point in the day, I can check my blog or social media, but although I should have one hour, it's often squeezed into 15 minutes, and straight back to work. I don't mind too much - I love what I do which is a great position to be in.

3pm-3.30pm: I try to dedicate this time to closing up for the day, structuring for the next day or organising & prioritising tasks that are needed & business critical.

3.30pm: I'm a firm believer that work/life balance keeps you motivated in all aspects to life, so I try to leave the office between 3.30-3.45pm. I used to be required to stay until 5pm, but with flexible hours now in operation, I've started structuring my afternoons a little differently, particularly as most of my team direct reports across the continent are also leaving for the day.

4pm: Arrive at the yard and get changed, and if Louie is still out, I'll usually have him in the stable by 4.20/4.30pm. Sounds excessive, but it's a REALLY big field!!! Since moving yards earlier in the year, I've also swapped from DIY livery to 5-day full livery. It means I can focus on Louie when I'm there and enjoy my riding much more, without the dread that I've still to do all my yard jobs and get home really late! When I finished work at 5pm, this could be as late as 8.30pm/9pm, so less than ideal... It's a luxury, but one I really appreciate.

5.15pm: After a good brush, I aim to be on Louie by this time, maybe a little earlier if we want to hack out in the remaining evening light.

6pm: If we're schooling in the arena, it means I'm finished by 6pm (that's the time I used to arrive on the yard!!) I'll give Louie a wash off as he isn't clipped yet, and leave him with his wick-away on while I change my boots, put my tack away and give his legs a good brush, as well as skipping out the stable from while he's already been in. He is usually dry 20-30 mins later and that's when he has his tea.

6.45pm: After I've fed Louie and popped his night time rug on, I aim to leave the yard around this time. It's only a 10 minute drive home so I'm now home by about 7pm.

7pm: Quick shower and head downstairs to where the superhero Andrew will either have tea ready or be cooking it. If he is cooking, I have a quick check of my work emails as well as my own social media.

7.30pm: Tea would be finished, so after a quick tidy up and doing anything that is needed in the house (washing, ironing, etc) we're usually sat down by 8pm.

8pm-10pm: This is our time to chat through our days, plans we've got coming up or that we want to make, watching a film or TV. It's also the time that if I need to do any extra work, I can do so, both professionally and for my blog. I aim to go to bed at 10.30pm and I need switch off time otherwise I wake up stressing out about something I'm working on, or dream about it, leaving me with broken sleep and being a grumpy bum the next day. So the final 30 mins is dedicated to switching off completely - whether watching the TV, reading a book or finding something that doesn't need my brain to think too much!

10.30pm: Bed.

Don't they say EAT. SLEEP. REPEAT?

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