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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

#Blogtober Day 31: Equestrian Blogtober Round Up

WOW! Here I am at the end of the equestrian blogging challenge of Blogtober…& for me, it really has been a challenge! As with most of the equestrian bloggers that I follow, blogging is hobby, secondary to my hobby of riding, training & competing with Louie, which is second to my professional job. When life gets busy, you can often see that the number of blog posts I push out, falls off. So to have been able to deliver a blog post every single day for 31 consecutive days, on a variety of topics that are mostly new areas for me to blog around, is a real achievement.

What have I learnt while taking part in Blogtober?

Mostly, I have learnt that in fact I’m able to blog about any kind of content topic thrown at me, and in most cases, I’ve been able to give it a relatable context to me and my equestrian life. Whether it has been giving some of my top tips coming into autumn and winter through the three TipTuesday posts, or blog posts talking about clothing and what my staple items are, right through to what I love most about autumn and other bloggers I enjoy following. I’ve even revealed some non-equestrian things you probably didn’t know aboutme!

I have learnt that it does require a lot of dedicated focus to pull together a good quality and worthwhile blog post each day, with good images, videos and links that all add value to your post. I really tried to approach the challenge of equestrian blogtober to publish content that was interesting to read for my audience. This meant making sure I had a personal angle on each and every topic, not only writing about the topic to tick the box of doing the post. I’m always very conscious that my audience enjoy my story, my adventure and what we get up to, so I didn’t want to lose this within my Blogtober content. Looking at my blog stats throughout October, I’m thrilled that the levels of engagement have actually gone UP – visitors are spending longer on my blog AND viewing more pages! Blogtober has also increased the number of visitors that my blog has had, so I’m super pleased with how it’s gone!!

What have I loved most during equestrian blogtober?

Similarly to what I’ve learnt – I’ve loved finding new topics that I can blog about & I’ve loved seeing how this has impacted on my blog’s performance. I’ve also loved taking part in the equestrian blogtober Blog Hop, run by Heather Wallace from Timid Rider. Everyday, all the equestrian bloggers taking part can add their links and all the blogtober posts can be viewed at the bottom of each post by ALL bloggers. Through this, I’ve discovered some new bloggers, but also enjoyed the content other bloggers have published on the same topics – it’s very interesting to see the difference in each bloggers’ posts. Some are very short, some very personal, some very informative – all different and all given their own take on the topic!

You can check out all of the bloggers taking part in the blog hop at the bottom of this post!

I’ve also enjoyed seeing the social bloggers (those that don’t have a blog URL) pushing content out for Blogtober directly into their social media profiles. In some cases this has been as simple as a photo a day with a short caption, whereas some have created long posts of content around the Blogtober topic. I’ve kept all my blogtober content on my actual blog, sharing some of the links across my social media where I thought the audiences there might be interested. But I haven’t shared many…

To see all of the social content from equestrian blogtober, make sure you check out the use of the #Blogtober on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There’s also a more specific one - #EquestrianBlogtober.

Other bloggers to follow and enjoy their Blogtober content if you missed it already

Simply check out the equestrian blogtober blog hop below! There’s also my favourite five bloggers from day 17 to read through and enjoy their adventures.

You can also find all 31 blogtober posts of mine here too!

I really hope that you’ve all enjoyed my blogtober posts - & don’t forget, if there is a topic you’ve enjoyed seeing us post about and want to see more, get in touch and tell me about it! Just drop me a line on sophietunnah@gmail.com

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