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Saturday, 6 October 2018

#Blogtober Day 6: Handling the Seasonal Change

Moving from summer to autumn and then into winter used to really bother me, but over the last couple of years it hasn't really bothered me. So what do I put that down to? Well that's exactly what today's #Blogtober is all about... my top tips for moving into the autumn season.

  1. Get organised & be prepared
    Just like my tip Tuesday post for day 2, make sure you make those harder months a bit easier on yourself - have everything sorted out and to hand & eliminate the stress of what you're not ready for.

  2. Always have a waterproof coat & a pair of wellies in the car or at the yard!
    Over the years, during October, I've been caught out by this too many times - arriving to simply bring in, rug change and feed, only to realise, it's pouring with rain and you've only got your trainers... 🙈 Fields at this time of year become muddy & quick, so make sure you're well equipped to trudge across the field when your neddy is determined to really make you walk!

  3. Do your cooking like you're feeding the world!
    OK, so we all love the feeling of coming in from the cold, into a lovely warm home, ready to eat a real winter warmer - something like Cumberland pie... So, if like me, you're not getting home until a little later by the time you've done what you need to at the yard, spend time making portion sizes and bagging it up in the freezer. Then each morning take it out and it's ready to warm through on the evening. Or, if you're really like me and not only enjoy the warmth when you come in, but also the gorgeous smell of home comfort food cooking, take it out the freezer the evening before, and in the morning, pop it in a slow cooker. This is a real sign that winter is coming...! 

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