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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

#Blogtober Day 9: Tip Tuesday

Every Tuesday during Blogtober is a tip. Our second one in the challenge is getting your stable ready for longer time spent in it!

Invest in stable mats

Firstly, my BIGGEST recommendation is to consider rubber matting if you don't already have it down, and not only at the front where the bedding doesn't cover, I mean all over. When we moved to our new yard at the start of March, I invested in matting from Horse Mats Plus as my new stable was concrete flooring. They provide more comfort and support for your horse, give an insulated layer to traditional cold concrete floors, and as they are easier (& quicker) to muck out & allow for good drainage, they leave less bacteria & a much healthier environment for your horse's hooves.

Give your horse some mental stimulation

Don't underestimate how clever horses are, and the more intelligent, the more mental stimulation horses need. So as you increase the time that your horse spends in the stable, make sure he's got something to do. This can come in the form of a treat ball or a Likit puzzle product, it can be as simple as hiding chopped carrot and apple in a tightly packed haynet, or creating your own puzzle to keep your horse entertained. I used to use old plastic milk bottles (no lid) and put chopped carrot in. We had to stop when Louie kept throwing it out the stable when there were only a few left and he got frustrated!

Get organised around your stable

✅ Rug racks secured?
✅ Bridle holders up?
✅ Saddle rack secure? (I've had my saddle knocked off the door, scratched on and even pooped on before!)
✅ Water buckets without holes in?
✅ Brushes nearby to wash your buckets?
✅ Mouse-proof storage? Don't forget as it gets cooler, these little fellas will find places to nest indoors, and you don't want your latest rug, numnah or anything else with a soft centre to become their luxury bedding!

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