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Monday, 22 October 2018

Keep Mud Fever Away with Natual Products from Botanica

With winter fast approaching, wet, cold weather, long, dark nights and mud above your ankles are just around the corner. And unfortunately, where there’s mud, there’s often mud fever.

When it comes to tackling mud fever, you need to know that the mode of attack you use works. So, it will be reassuring to know that natural skin care company Botanica has been helping horse owners to get control of mud fever for well over a decade.

Sean Cooney, the founder of Botanica, is a man dedicated to creating natural skin care products that get results where all others fail and is a regular at horse shows and events up and down the country, from the biggies like Badminton and Burghley to more regional shows such as South Gloucestershire Show or the Midland Game Fair.

Sean with Michael Whitaker and his wife Melissa at
one of the many shows Botanica attends!

Sean explains
Our customers have had fantastic results over the years using a combination of Botanica Cleansing Wash and Botanica Herbal Cream, even on the most severe cases of mud fever. We recommend a two-pronged approach, which involves firstly diluting the Cleansing Wash as per instructions and massaging well into the affected area, which gently lifts the scabs and allows the wash to penetrate. We advise that you should not rinse the wash off, instead leaving for three to five minutes to allow the soothing, antiseptic qualities to work. The next phase then is to apply Botanica Herbal Cream, massaging well in. Repeat twice daily and by the second week you will have hair regrowth.

The Botanica range is made from 100% natural ingredients and the company stands over the effectiveness of all of its products. So, if you are faced with mud fever this season, choose Botanica to make it a thing of the past.

Botanica Cleansing Wash

A handy addition to your lotions & potions for use on broken skin, cuts, abrasions, sores and insect bites. It's also great in the winter to use as a cleansing wash for your horses legs and help to protect against mud fever. Made from a unique combination of natural herbal ingredients to create a wash suitable for horse (& human!) use with soothing and anticeptic properties.

Just two capsfuls of the wash for every one litre of warm water, all you need to do is bath or soak the area with a clean cloth or sponge & leave it to soak in for a few minutes, letting all the ingredients work their magic on the affected area. Do not rinse off. Using a clean towel, dry the washed area and follow up with Botanica Herbal Cream. If you're just using the wash as a prevention and a daily or weekly routine, there's no need to apply the cream afterwards.

Botanica Cleansing wash is available in 300ml, 500ml & 5 litre bottles, and starts priced at just under £11.

Botanica Herbal Cream

A cream that can be applied to help with a number of skin conditions - cuts, grazes, rain scald, mud fever, cracked sore heels, bites & many more broken skins wounds. Botanica's herbal cream helps to keep a smooth texture to the skin in the affected area, while also keeping it supply to aid quick recovery. 

Made with 100% natural ingredients, it can also relax sore tendons and sooth muscular aches. Containing natural insect repellant helps to keep those pesky flies and other bugs away while the wound heals. Applying the cream twice daily following a soak of the area using the cleansing wash, wounds should begin to quickly recover, healing over and leaving skin smooth, supply & ready for hair regrowth by the second week of use.

Botanica Herbal Cream starts at £12.99 for a 125ml tub, but is also available in 300ml & 500ml too. 

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