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Saturday, 29 December 2018

My Favourite Nine Photos on Instagram in 2018

Yesterday, I shared my Top Nine photos of 2018 from our Instagram account. The list was based on the most liked photos that we've posted across the last 12 months.

But today, I'm going to share with you my FAVOURITE photos from across the year, because some of my absolute faves didn't always get enough likes to make the top nine! So without further ado, here's my own personal favourites from 2018.

1. Qualifying for PetPlan Finals

This photo was at number seven in our most liked photos of the year, but it is my number one favourite. Overcoming a serious injury over the summer, to head to the Area Festivals with no expectation, just a relaxed test and for experience in a more atmospherical arena, we were overjoyed to come away with 8th (from 38 combinations) & qualifying for the Finals!

2. Building confidence in our showjumping

2018 hasn't been a great year for our showjumping progress with big gaps to our training. Firstly to the bad weather in February and March, then May to August due to injury, and losing October & most of November to Louie's downtime and dressage competitions. That's over HALF the year and when you're not established, it's less than ideal. This shot from earlier in the year shows that when we get a good run of it, how much more confident Louie is!

3. Becoming a Brand Ambassador

Not only a great shot from our time at the Area Festivals, but I was super proud to be welcomed onboard as a Brand Ambassador with Boudica Equestrian!! It's a great small equestrian business, run by an amazingly hard-working and motivated lady called Laura who supports all of her brand ambassadors & associates. Boudica stocks a variety of collections for equestrians of all kinds; no matter what your style is, there'll be something for you!

4. PetPlan Finals 2018

Of course this was going to feature in my favourites, it's my most proud moment with Louie so far! Stabling away overnight, keeping a white horse clean and not disgracing ourselves to put in a great test. In fact, such a great test, we were THIRD! We just missed qualification for the Championship by 0.28%...that became a frustration for a few moments when we found out, but to finish third was unbelievable. It gave me a great feeling that we really are starting to become a competitive combination!

5. Our final autumn evening hack

This also features in the top nine liked list, but for the first time ever, I actually took time and paid attention to creating and taking a photo. Louie was quite confused why we walked under this bridge for a second time to make sure the shadow was in the right place and that the camera captured the colours. Makes a change from my usual snatch and snap style to our through the ears shots!

6. When you just love a photo...

There is no other reason other than I just love this photo. It's from a regular British Dressage competition at a local venue, with nothing special happening that day...but I just LOVE it! Thanks again to Stevie Purves for capturing it and letting us have it! :)

7. Changing things for the better

In March, we moved yards. For some people, this is nothing. But for me it was a big deal. My main concern was that I was moving because I wasn't happy but I thought Louie was, so my biggest reservation would be how he would settle. As with any change, it took some time to get used to things, but over the last 8-9 months, I've seen Louie happier than ever and more settled than I thought was possible. I took this photo not long after moving, but it demonstrates how much I'm happy I made the right decision.

8. Company when hacking out

At the end of the summer and into autumn, Andrew started to join us when we were out hacking, cycling along with us. We're a bit slow for him when we're walking, but he questioned if we think he is Bradley Wiggins when we canter as we spend a few minutes waiting for him to catch us back up. But I really enjoy showing Andrew all of the fabulous places that are around us to enjoy a few hours together... This is one of my favourites, along a long line of fir tress with plenty of fields to enjoy a canter or two...

9. Just me & Louie

I actually only posted this a few days ago as we watched the sun set over the fields ahead of us. It was a beautiful sunset, but that's not why it's one of my favourites. I could have probably picked any through the ears shots that we've posted in 2018 because for me this is what it is all about - a girl and her horse, plodding across the countryside together with nothing but nature for company.

...And there you have it. Our favourite nine photos that we've posted on our Instagram account in 2018, regardless of how many likes they managed to get! Hopefully some of them were your favourites too!

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