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Friday, 28 December 2018

My Top Nine Instagram Photos of 2018

If you haven't yet heard of the Instagram Top Nine, where have you been!?!? I'm pretty late to the party posting it on 28th December... For those who haven't, put simply, it is an app (or website) that you can quickly type in your Insta username & email, and within a few minutes, it will show you your best performing posts throughout 2018.

So, rather than just posting the nine best photos on our account, I thought I'd write a little about each...

1. Plaiting Up

In all honesty, I'm not sure what it was about this photo that made it our best one of the year... People just seemed to like it to the tune of 125! It shows me finishing up Louie's competition plaits all snug in my Equetech coat from Boudica Equestrian.

2. Seeing old friends while out & about

I really love this photo, I only wish that it hadn't been quite so long after Louie's tests so he would also be beautifully plaited up. Vicky & Flynn are friends we met when a British Dressage competition was paused about seven years ago, and behind the camera is Stevie (Purves) who captured some of my funtimes eventing with Thomas. They all live up in Kelso, so we don't get to see each other a lot. Great that this one made it to our top nine!

3. Showjumping training

For anyone who follows us regularly, you will know, every time we just get going with our showjumping, something seems to pop up and poop all over our party. This post was one of three in an Insta album that shows how fantastic Louie's technique is over a jump... Good to bring his knees up and in front, tidy with his back end, always really tucking it up, and then for added sass, a good swish of his tail... & even closing his eyes!

4. Time out for Andrew

Some of you may remember that Andrew was quite poorly earlier this year, resulting in a short stay in hospital, a diagnosis of a rare strain of flu and a broken nose in THREE places! Seeing that this post received 96 likes with our Instagram feed really shows how many of you support us during this time. Fingers crossed Andrew's made a full recovery & at least this year has been for his flu jab!!

5. Dressage competition reports on Instagram

A super snazzy photo of Louie, taken as a still from our dressage test video... I really love this photo (mostly because Louie really is white!!) Posting as a way to get over hump day by enjoying the full length videos of two of our recent tests and encouraging people to click the link in our bio to view them on our blog. Not only did our blog see visits and videos get views, but this photo managed 96 likes!

6. Autumn evening hacks

Taken on our last evening hack after work... We actually walked under this railway bridge thinking about what a great photo it was, before turning around, going back through to come back again to get a good shot of the autumn colours and capture the shadows.

7. Qualifying for PetPlan Finals

This is one of my most proud moments of the year... Heading to Northallerton for the Area Festivals with zero expectation, just to produce a relaxed test. We were last on of the whole weekend, and we flabbergasted to find out that we had come 8th from a whopping 38 competitive combinations! I think the smile on my face here says it all!

 8. Dressage Success

After a short break at the end of October, I set myself a fairly tough challenge to gain Winter Regional qualification, as well as Novice PetPlan qualification. This photo captures one of three competitions where we achieved everything we needed & helped us finish the year very strongly!

9. Nomination for a UK Blog Award

Another of my proud moments from 2018 - discovering I was nominated in TWO categories in the UK Blog Awards. Voting has now closes and I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the shortlist being announced early January, and where some very experienced judges will give our blog and social media consideration. Keep everything crossed with me!

So that's our top nine in 2018. I really hope you've enjoyed our journey in the last 12 months, whether you follow on social media or read our blog posts, we really do appreciate all your support and it's great to have so many of you behind us as we move into 2019!

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