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Saturday, 14 September 2019

9 Equestrian Blogs of 2019

Now we're heading into autumn, there's nothing I love more than heading home on a weekend after a busy morning at the yard to get my horsey fix online! Wrapped up in a wool throw, curled up on the sofa, with a pair of fluffy slippers & a hot cup of coffee, I find it a great way to catch up from everything in the horse world from the last week.

In recent years, I used to head to the big horse news publications such as Horse & Hound or Eventing Nation, however with the recent rise of the equestrian blogger in the last couple of years, I'm finding myself spending more & more of this time hearing the latest from a handful of my favourite bloggers! 

So, today I'm going to share 9 of our favourite bloggers from across the globe for you to check out, start following and enjoy their content too! Find your cosy spot, grab that cuppa, sit back and enjoy our top 9 equestrian bloggers of 2019.

Equestrian blogger no.1 

Orla & Darielle are two lovely Irish ladies who run No Bucking Way... Not only because they have a completely cracking blog name, but they are also totally real, very funny and all about sharing their everyday equestrian adventures. Their blog and social media is like have two friends that you just love to hear from whether it be how they've got on at their latest competition, what their exercise of the month will be, or (& perhaps best of all at the moment!) hearing how Orla is getting on with her new four-legged friend, Cosmo! 

Equestrian blogger no.2

EquiPepper is an equestrian blog run by Ruby Butchers and has developed into a whole variety of topics since her early days when she enjoyed simply documenting her progress and equestrian adventures with her ex-racer chestnut, Scottie. I often enjoy Ruby's content around large equestrian events when her posts about the ex-racehorses competing are jam-packed with information and interest facts! Ruby has also done a degree in Equine Science so you can often find a scientific equestrian topic to capture your curiosity too!

Equestrian blogger no.3 

Heading a little further afield with this next equestrian blogger... Louise Dando write In Due Horse from what looks to be a very enviable place in the French countryside! Louise blogs about all angles to equestrian life including fashion, events, travel, her favourite horse & riders, and sharing her own equestrian stories. You'll often find an interview with some of the figures that inspire Louise as she progresses on her journey as a budding equestrian writer! If you look for In Due Horse, you'll also see that Louise is often trying to teach her horse the art of the selfie, but not always with a successful outcome!

Equestrian blogger no.4

I must be a sucker for a catchy name as forth on my list is an equestrian blogger from the other side of the world! The Sand Arena Ballerina is based in Australia (Brisbane) & run by Andrea Parker, blogging all about her life with Nonnie as they compete in dressage. Andrea always has a fantastic outfit that makes me wish I was as smart looking when I sat in the saddle! Andrea & Nonnie have dreams to make it up through the dressage levels to achieve FEI competition standard & have been a partnership since 2010. Whether it is posts about everyday equestrian life, or competition & training reports, or even product reviews from across the equestrian industry, this blog has it all and is just so intriguing to follow equestrian life down under!

Equestrian blogger no.5

Hopping over to the US for this next blogger with Lindsay Rains who runs Alta Mira Horsemanship. This is a blog all about partnership-based training, care & riding, as well as aiming to create motivation to help riders become happier and healthy with a tonne of inspirational posts and quotes. Throughout her blog and social media presence, Lindsay aims to connect riders and provide information so that they can get the very best from their horses through observation, curiosity & trial and error based tactics. If you ever need a little motivation, Alta Mira Horsemanship is a good place to head!

Equestrian blogger no.6

A very new blogger to the equestrian world is Lauren with her blog, Pom Pony Adventures, where she documents all that she and her Irish Sports horse Bobby get up to. While they have been together since 2017, Lauren created her blog early in 2019 and if you head over, you'll find plenty of competition reports, training updates as well as getting a view into how they live their everyday equestrian life. They are also on Facebook & Instagram so make sure you follow to get your daily fix from this duo!

Equestrian blogger no.7

Although I'm not a Mum, this next equestrian blogger I really enjoy hearing from & think is such a great concept aiming itself at Mum's wanting to return to the saddle after starting a family. This blog not online has an online presence but also offers a support group on Facebook for its audience. Documenting anything from confidence issues, time-saving tips to coverage from the latest high profile equestrian events, The Mama Equestrian is definitely one to check out each week. Plus, there's even a podcast so you can listen on the go!

Equestrian blogger no.8

Roosa's Horsey Life is run by a lovely lady, called Roosa, who moved to the south of England a couple of years ago from her native home of Finland. Together with her horses Vallu & Erik, they have blogged about their everyday life in the saddle, from riding outfits of the day, competition & warm-up tips & hints, through to blogging about her big move from Finland and, together with her Mum & Dad, building her equestrian based here in the UK. Together as a team, Roosa and her horses compete in dressage which must run in the family as you'll often see a snap of her Mum in the saddle or her brother at high profile dressage shows.

Equestrian blogger no.8

This is a lady I really enjoy following... Jessica Challinor at Gee Gee & Me. Jessica mostly blogs about products and services that she has recently tried. Her content is great! It's very relatable, very real and all of her reviews are very honest. If she's not so sure on something she is reviewing, her blog posts will reflect that! I also love why Jessica started her blog - she realised that when looking for new equestrian products online, you' spend hours on Google, so she created her blog to help bring about a place people could discover a real opinion of a variety of equestrian products and services as part of that research. She's also got a super cute little grey pony, Oscar, who you'll fall in love with right away!

Equestrian blogger no.9

Our final equestrian blogger on the list, but by no means least is Poppy who created Young Hip and Horsey. Again, a quirky name but with an unusual story behind it. At 27 years old, Poppy has a ceramic hip and blogs all about her life in the saddle after her surgery in 2017. Her 14hh skewbald cob, Pea, features a lot and is a really sweet pony who has helped Poppy recovery from her operation. They blog about life after a hip replacement and have a great series of blog posts called 'Along for the Ride' which includes schooling, hacks, training & competitions! 

Got a favourite equestrian blogger that isn't on the list? Make sure you add it to the comments below and we can check it out!

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