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Saturday, 19 October 2019

Toasty Toes in Davos Boots!

Anyone who knows me will know that come the coolers days in the autumn, there's nothing I love more than pulling on my UGGs to keep my feet toasty warm. I even have UGG slippers for at home! But one thing I really don't like is cold feet inside wellies or wet feet from wearing your trainers around the yard.

Well, this autumn I've found the perfect solution to keep my feet toasty warm all winter long, thanks to the lovely Laura at Boudica Equestrian & recommending the HKM Davos waterproof boots! Not only are they fur-lined, but they are also 100% waterproof.


Let's look a little closer at them because they have turned into my number one winter warmer item for down at the yard.

There are three colours available - black, blue and taupe. I opted for blue, which are like a dark blue/navy. I was a little sceptical when Laura first told me about them as I presumed the lining wouldn't be warm and because of the waterproofing quality if it was, it would make your feet really sweat.

Neither of those two assumptions came true.

The full boot has a faux-fur lining to stay highly insulated and keep your feet lovely and warm. It feels soft to touch and doesn't compact under the arch of your foot or under your toes,  and the fur lining around the top of the boot finished them off neatly.

The outer material is polyurethane, but the finished effect looks like a suede boot, which you can brush back & forth. When I've unfortunately managed to get my UGGs wet, the suede stiffens, but I don't find that this is the case with these boots, even after you've hosed them down!

The same can be said of the faux-fur - it hasn't stuck together or hardened following being wet. We've had plenty of rain here in Northumberland over the last few weeks, so they've been put through their paces!

These boots are honestly too good to be true!!

One other presumption I made was that the soles would be thin, wear down easily and create that awful look where you're walking on the very inside of your heel. Again, this was completely incorrect.

The soles are thick, feel durable and have normal weight to them. They also seem quite grippy on areas such as wet concrete or poop patches on the concrete, but I haven't yet tested them in the frost or ice (thankfully!!)

Not only have I found the Davos boots to be practical in terms of warmth, durability & being waterproof, but they are stylish too and make for a perfect slip-on boot for in-between riding or calling to the supermarket on your way home. I actually also think that non-equestrians could wear them as standard fur-lined boots with a pair of jeans over the colder months of the year!

I told you... they are great and really versatile! But it gets better because they are possibly the most cost-effective item in my horsey wardrobe as they sell for £31.95

Yes...that's all. £31.95

I think that's pretty incredible and still cannot believe that that is all that they cost!

If you fancy yourself a pair, head over to Boudia Equestrian where you can save 10% using TUNNAH10 - that makes them an absolute steal at just £28.75!!

Ladies sizing is available from 34 (2) up to 42 (9) shoe size. I'd ordinarily wear a size 40 (7) and have found them to be true to size, even when I have thicker or thinner riding socks on with them.


  1. These look fab and will be going on my Christmas wish list!! 🎅🏼

    1. You need them before then! They are a complete steal at just under £26!


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